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Car crashes in Las Vegas, Nevada hit an all-time high in 2018 according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Whether you live, work or play in Las Vegas, being injured in a motor vehicle accident can be expensive & overwhelming. An experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help you tackle obstacles like medical bills & car insurance claims as well as make sure the at-fault party is brought to justice—letting you focus on recovering your health.

Burg Simpson’s personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas know how to be effective advocates for our clients. Not only will we fight every step of the way to make sure your damages are fairly & comprehensively compensated, our legal team’s long-term experience & national resource network mean you have the power of the entire Burg Simpson family of trial lawyers behind your car crash injury case.

Legal & insurance deadlines come up quickly after a car crash. Don’t miss your chance! Contact our auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas for a free case evaluation today.

Nevada Car Accident Facts

Clark County can be a hotspot for car crashes thanks to its bright distractions, numerous pedestrians & easy access to substances known to cause driving impairment. It’s no surprise that Las Vegas sees the large majority of Nevada’s car crash injuries every year.

In 2018, 208 out of 301 auto accidents in Nevada occurred in Clark County, Nevada. That means Las Vegas alone was responsible for nearly 70% of Nevada car crashes! This followed the pattern seen in previous years: in 2017, Clark County motor vehicle crashes made up 68% of the state’s total accidents.

Many of these accidents resulted in passenger & driver injury and even death. In fact, 2018 was the worst year for Nevada car crash fatalities in the last decade. 331 people died in car accidents in the state of Nevada in 2018, with 226 of the victims losing their lives in Clark County.

If you are injured in a vehicular accident in Clark County, it is important to get legal help from an accident injury attorney that knows how to protect your rights. By contacting the car crash law experts at Burg Simpson Nevada, you can find out about your rights as a car crash victim and what options you have for pursuing your case. Get your auto injury case evaluation free of charge by submitting our online form today or calling (702) 668-2070.

Causes of Auto Accidents in Las Vegas

The two main causes of Nevada car accident injury or death in 2017 & 2018 were:

  1. Vehicle occupants being unrestrained by a seatbelt, and
  2. One or more drivers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Seatbelt Use in Nevada Car Crashes

Perhaps in part because Nevada only has secondary seatbelt laws, meaning that tickets for not wearing seatbelts can only be given out if the driver has already been pulled over for another reason, a total of 1,453 unrestrained people were either killed or seriously injured between 2013 and 2017.

Since Nevada is also a state where fault for an accident is modified by comparative negligence, it is important to tell your Las Vegas car accident lawyer immediately whether you or any other vehicle occupants were not wearing a seatbelt. If you are found to be partially at fault for the car accident in which you were injured, the negligent party’s legal representation can argue to limit your potential compensation. This is where an experienced Nevada vehicle injury attorney can help make sure that you receive a fair settlement or court-appointed award, even if you hold partial responsibility for the crash.

Las Vegas Auto Accidents Caused by Drugged or Drunk Driving

Nevada has been cracking down on drugged & drunk drivers over the past five years, but they still caused about 60% of fatal car crashes in Nevada in 2017. That percentage rose to 62% in Clark County specifically. While most people think of a DUI as a drunk driving charge, impaired driving can also include driving under the influence of drugs or multiple substances.

Blood alcohol concentration limits are cut in half from 0.08% to 0.04% for commercial drivers like semi-truck drivers or delivery drivers. If you were in a truck accident in Las Vegas where the driver was drunk or impaired, it’s critical that you contact a truck accident attorney in Nevada right away. Not only are the limits and laws different for commercial drivers than regular drivers, auto accident injuries caused by semi-truck or other commercial drivers can involve the driver’s employer as a secondary at-fault party. This means you can’t rely on a regular Nevada auto accident lawyer to handle the case.

Burg Simpson’s attorneys have a winning track record of representing clients specifically injured in semi-truck accidents. Reach out to a Nevada truck accident attorney today to take advantage of our national network of commercial driving accident law experts by filling out a Free Case Evaluation form.

Types of Damages in Las Vegas Car Accident Cases

“Damages” is legalese for the list of different reasons you may qualify for monetary compensation. There are three main types of damages to which you might have a claim if you were injured in a car crash in Las Vegas. These damages are:

  1. Economic Damages
  2. Non-Economic Damages
  3. Punitive Damages

Economic damages you might be entitled to include coverage for things like your medical bills, loss of wages if your injury causes you to miss work, car repair, and other material losses you have incurred or are expected to incur thanks to your injuries.

Non-economic damages include things that haven’t cost you material losses, but have nonetheless affected your post-accident life in a negative way. These are things like emotional trauma, long-term pain & suffering, or even for your loss of companionship if the accident caused the wrongful death of a spouse.

Your car crash lawyer can argue for compensation for punitive damages if the accident was caused by the at-fault party acting with exceptional recklessness, such as driving while drunk. Punitive damages are meant to be an additional cost the responsible party or parties incurs as punishment for their actions.

What to Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident in Nevada

There are certain steps that all motorists must take after a car accident in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first is simple: get off the road! All drivers involved in a car crash in Nevada are required to immediately pull to the side so they don’t obstruct traffic, and then assess the damage. If there are any injuries, motorists are also expected to provide basic aid and call an ambulance if needed.

Remember: adrenaline after an auto accident can make it seem like you are less injured than you actually are. It’s recommended that you take good notes at the crash scene and get checked over by a doctor as soon as possible. Not only will this make sure you don’t have any “hidden” injuries, it will also create a medical record of those injuries you do have—an essential weapon in your car accident lawyer’s arsenal.

Las Vegas Car Crash Dos & Don’ts for Nevada Residents

Because Nevada is an at-fault car insurance state and can adjust fault based on comparative negligence, it is important that you do not say or sign anything indicating fault in the accident. Simply trade names, contact information, and auto insurance information with the other driver(s). If possible, take pictures of the vehicles and the scene of the crash as evidence for your car crash attorney to use.

If someone is injured or there has been more than $750 worth of damage to the vehicles or surrounding property, you must call the police so they can make a report. That report should include all drivers’ names, contact information, and basic car insurance information.

After the incident, there will still be paperwork to do. Reach out to a car crash attorney in Las Vegas immediately. This is the period of time you’re most likely to miss an important form or deadline. Besides filling out your car insurance claim paperwork, you may also need to fill out a Nevada traffic accident report.

If a Nevada Highway Patrol or police officer came to the scene of the crash, they will have likely filed one for you—it’s still worth filing one with the DMV if you’re unsure whether the officer’s report included all drivers’ names, contact information and insurance information. If no officer was present, it’s up to you: you have 10 days after the crash to submit your Nevada traffic accident report to the DMV.

If you have recently been in a car accident in Las Vegas and need help navigating around the requirements for the Nevada DMV and your insurance company, contact a Burg Simpson car accident lawyer now. Fill out our free case evaluation form or call (702) 668-2070 to reach an experienced Las Vegas auto accident attorney.

Dos & Don’ts for Car Crash Victims Visiting Las Vegas

If you live out of state but the crash occurred while on a business trip, vacation or other visit to Las Vegas, you still have to hire an auto accident attorney in Las Vegas itself. Out of state attorneys will not be properly familiar with Nevada’s driving laws or how to best protect your interests in the court or at the negotiating table. An out of state lawyer also cannot represent you in Las Vegas.

Make absolutely sure to document the crash site with a camera and to get insurance & contact information from all parties involved. You may want to call a police officer to the scene even if no one is injured and there isn’t much property damage. Depending on your travel plans, it might be tough to get in your traffic report by the 10-day deadline and a police report with all parties’ insurance & contact information can be a time-sensitive safety net.

If you were not driving your own vehicle but were in a car crash with a rented vehicle in Las Vegas, contact a Las Vegas car accident attorney immediately. Working with rental car insurance after a car accident complicates an already complicated situation, making it even more crucial that you have someone who knows how to protect your rights on your side.

Contact a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Now

Burg Simpson’s car accident lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada know the law and know your rights. Whether the accident and injuries ruined your day or your visit, we can help. Contact us today through our free case evaluation form or at (702) 668-2070 for compassionate, experienced help with your auto accident injuries.

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