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Multi-Family Homeowners

During the first few years of a new residential development, builders and developers typically control the homeowner associations. One of the more important goals of these associations – at least from their perspective – is to limit the number of repairs they are required to make. When control is finally relinquished to the residents, the property owners are usually left with both the problems and the repair bills.

Burg Simpson is a leading construction defect law firm serving condominium, townhouse, and homeowner associations. We represent homeowner associations around the country.

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Top Construction Defects

Generally speaking, most construction defects are either design or construction problems. The most common construction defects include:

  • Windows: Improper installation or alignment can lead to leaks, which can cause serious issues.
  • Roofs: There are several things that can go wrong with a roof installation, such as poorly installed flashing or faulty installation of the roof membrane. Defective roof materials can also lead to damaging leaks.
  • Improper drainage: If the ground slope is designed to go toward the foundation instead of away from it, water may threaten the foundation, leading to extensive, costly repairs.
  • Concrete slabs: Improperly cured concrete slaps may lead to cracked foundations, which is difficult to repair.
  • Decks: Decks frequently suffer from poorly installed water barriers or structural issues. The resulting damage can elude detection.
  • Electrical: Botched electrical installation may lead to fires.
  • Plumbing: Plumbing issues may lead to leaky pipes and extensive water damage.
  • Buried slabs: Buried slabs can create conditions where water is introduced into the interior of the home because of improper drainage.
  • Insulation: Poorly installed or a complete lack of insulation can lead to extreme variations of interior temperature.
  • HVAC: If dampers, vents, and ducts are poorly located and/or installed, ineffective heating or cooling can result, even lead to possibly life-threatening situations such as flammability issues and potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

We Work for Lasting Construction Defect Solutions

Our construction defect attorneys work with homeowner associations and their consulting experts to get construction defects permanently fixed so the problems do not persist. We warn clients to avoid cosmetic or short-term fixes that fail to address the underlying issues.

We can help homeowner association boards identify highly qualified and experienced construction experts and engineers to evaluate problems, assess repair alternatives, and accurately estimate the costs involved. We will also help you deal with emergency repairs while your lawsuit is in progress.

Before looking for remedies through litigation, we advise our clients to attempt to resolve problems with builders and developers through other channels. Litigation can be a costly and time-consuming process. In many cases, negotiation is a more cost-effective and efficient way of resolving construction defect problems with a builder.

If you need assistance negotiating with your builder or developer, make sure you have a construction defects lawyer on your side so that your rights are protected.

Addressing a Wide Range of Construction Defects

As effective communicators, we are able to explain the issues and alternatives to association members as necessary. We can address member concerns at board meetings before and after any legal actions, and we can draft litigation updates for association members.

Our law firm has represented thousands of condominium, townhome, and homeowner associations across the country seeking damages for residential construction defects, such as:

  • Soil and slope instability and geologic hazard problems
  • Real and artificial (EIFS) stucco failure
  • Water intrusion and building envelope failures
  • Roof failures
  • Underground drain failures
  • Design errors
  • Poor workmanship
  • Building material and product failures
  • Roadway problems and infrastructure failure
  • Construction material and building product failures

How Much Does a Construction Defect Claim Cost?

Almost all of our construction defect fee arrangements are drafted on a contingency basis, which means our fee is established as a percentage of your eventual recovery. We only get paid for our work if we obtain compensation for you. If you do not receive damages, then you do not owe us anything. If you decide to work with Burg Simpson to pursue your construction defect claim, all this information will be spelled out in a written fee arrangement.

We work to maximize your recovery so after our fees are paid, you have enough money left over to fix as many of the problems as possible. In all our cases, our goal is to ensure that you get the home you were promised.

Contact Burg Simpson for Help with Construction Defects

Since each person’s situation is unique, and the law related to condominium and homeowners is both constantly changing and varies widely depending on the state, you cannot rely on anything here as direct legal advice. To understand your legal rights, you must speak with a lawyer about your problem.

To get started with your construction defect claim, call us at (866) 344-7582 or fill out our FREE case evaluation form now. We are here to help!

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