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Single Family Homeowners

Buying a home is the single largest investment most people will ever make. At Burg Simpson, we believe homeowners deserve the homes they are promised.

Burg Simpson is a nationally recognized, leading construction defect law firm. Our construction defect attorneys work hard to protect the rights and interests of homeowners. We have represented thousands of frustrated homeowners in lawsuits seeking damages for a range of residential construction defects.

Even if you are not the original homeowner, you may still have recourse against the builder or developer for construction defects. In addition, you could have legal claims against others who were responsible for the home’s construction and may be responsible for your home’s problems, such as sub-contractors, engineers, and material and product suppliers. If your single-family home has a construction defect and you have been unable to get the relief you need from the builder, call the construction defect attorneys at Burg Simpson at (866) 649-8734 or fill out our FREE case evaluation form now.

Common Single-Family Home Construction Defects

  • Foundation/grading issues: Single-family homes need to be constructed in a way that water drains away without pooling around the foundation. Otherwise, drainage can cause severe, costly foundation problems.
  • Bad framing: These issues typically occur around window openings, which can expose your home to the elements.
  • HVAC: Proper duct installation is crucial for HVAC systems. Poorly installed ducts can hamper airflow, which leads to poor air quality that can potentially cause adverse health effects for residents.
  • Windows: Leaks through windows or walls near them are a sign of poor window installation.
  • Plumbing: Shoddy plumbing, with poorly installed transitions or badly planned lines, can quickly lead to sewage backups, mold, or early pipe failure.
  • Exterior walls: Most single-family houses have at least 10-20 openings, for pipes, vents, conduits, and other critical features. Ensuring each of these openings is sealed properly is crucial to preserving the life of the home. Improper seals may lead to water damage to the structure of the home, as well as contaminate the environment inside.
  • Interior walls: Examples of crucial interior seals that need to be maintained are bathtub and shower enclosures, hot water lines, and washing machine lines, to name a few. These types of leaks often go undetected and can do considerable damage over an extended period of time.
  • Roofing: The roof is one of the most important features of a single-family home, and roof problems can include unsealed penetrations, missing shingles, or shoddy underlayment installation.

Methods of Resolving Construction Defect Disputes

Litigation can be a costly and time-consuming process. In construction defect cases, we typically attempt to negotiate an amicable resolution with the builder or developer responsible for the problems, without resorting to a lawsuit. However, a resolution through negotiation is not always possible, and in those cases, Burg Simpson is fully prepared to aggressively pursue a lawsuit to its conclusion, including all appeals and the resolution of any insurance coverage issues. If you think you have a construction defects claim, contact the construction defect lawyers at Burg Simpson before things get worse.

How Much Does a Construction Defects Claim Cost?

Almost all of our construction defect fee agreements are on a contingency fee basis, meaning our fee is determined as a percentage or your recovery. We only receive a fee for our legal work if we obtain a recovery from you. If you do not receive a recovery, then you will owe us nothing. If you decide to hire us to pursue your single-family home construction defect claim, all of this will be outlined in a detailed written fee agreement.

We work to maximize your recovery so that after our fees are paid, you have enough money left over to fix as many of the construction problems as possible. In all cases, our goal is to ensure that you get the home you were promised.

Contact Burg Simpson for Help with Your Construction Defect Case

Because each person’s situation is as unique as their home, and the laws vary depending on the state and are constantly changing, call one of the skilled construction defect attorneys at Burg Simpson for legal advice. We work with single-family homeowners to identify highly qualified and experienced construction experts and engineers to evaluate problems, recommend needed repair alternatives, and estimate costs of repairs. Additionally, we help homeowners deal with emergency repairs while the lawsuit progresses.

Call us today at (866) 649-8734 or fill out our FREE case evaluation form.

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