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Strength in Numbers—Holding Dating Apps Accountable for Lack of Action to Stop Sexual Assault Predators

Dating app predators are a major concern of online dating. Multiple individuals across the country have come forward with stories of being sexually assaulted by people they met on dating apps, reporting the assailant to the app, and seeing no action taken to remove the assailant.

Burg Simpson is currently investigating these cases. We are already representing several individuals who were assaulted by people they met on popular dating sites, notified the app, and see the individuals still on the app for several years.

Have you reported somebody on a dating site for sexual assault? If so, please let us know the details.

If you reported someone for a sexual assault and the dating platform did not remove the person’s profile, the company behind the app is putting others at risk. Both the perpetrators and the dating apps they use to find victims should be held accountable.

There Is Strength in Numbers. If you survived a sexual assault by a dating app predator, you are not alone. Burg Simpson is a nationally recognized law firm that can help you pursue justice and compensation for the injuries and damages you have sustained.

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Dating Apps Complicit in Sexual Assault

Research shows that approximately 14% of sexual assaults occurred after the victim and the perpetrator met on a dating app. This indicates that dating apps are not doing nearly enough to protect users from sexual predators. Many of which have already been reported to the dating app as a sexual predator. 

Major dating apps have only recently started running background checks on users. Given the extremely high rate of sexual assault and abuse that goes unreported, however, such measures are likely to identify only a small portion of predators among an app’s userbase.

You might assume that reporting someone who commits sexual assault or abuse would result in them being removed from the dating app. Unfortunately, dating apps often fail to take reports from users seriously. This leaves predators free to continue using the platform to victimize others.

Big tech companies as a whole have exhibited an alarmingly lax attitude when it comes to protecting their customers’ privacy, security, and safety. Dating apps in particular have faced enormous scrutiny for their failure to take action to protect users from sexual assault facilitated via the platform—which is often reported to be more violent than assaults in other circumstances.

You Can Make a Difference

The app you use to try and find a loving partner should not be a hunting ground for dangerous criminals. In addition to holding the individual assailant accountable, our firm is striving to force dating apps to reckon with the human toll of their failure to protect users from sexual assault.

Burg Simpson Colorado is currently representing multiple women who were drugged and sexually assaulted by a cardiologist in Denver who is accused of finding his victims on the dating apps Tinder and Hinge.

The exact circumstances may differ, but we believe that many individuals of different genders and backgrounds across the country have experienced victimization at the hands of predators who use dating apps. Coming forward about sexual assault can be painful; however, taking this courageous step may help you find justice. Taking action might also make it possible to prevent others from coming to harm.

Most sexual predators have multiple victims. It is a sad truth that dating apps and other forms of modern technology enable predators to find victims much more readily. Tech companies should recognize this threat and take action to protect their customers. Unfortunately, saving money on security measures and avoiding bad press often takes precedence over user safety.

Sexual assault litigation is complex. Multiple defendants are often involved, from the individual perpetrator to organizations that facilitate sexual abuse and assault. It is of the utmost importance to bring legal action against all liable parties. With claims involving dating app predators, this means preparing a case against the user of the platform as well as the company behind the app.

Tech companies have large and powerful legal divisions. A common tactic is to try to claim that the website or app is not responsible for the actions of individual users. It falls on survivors to expose dating app predators and, with the help of experienced attorneys, hold the companies to account for putting customers in danger.

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Assaulted by a Dating App Predator? Burg Simpson Can Help

Dating app predators should not go unpunished. In addition to criminal charges, assailants may face civil liability for the damages their victims suffer. Furthermore, the dating app itself may be held liable if it can be shown that the company received reports of a user’s behavior and actions and failed to remove them from the app.

At Burg Simpson, we believe in Strength in Numbers. You are not alone, and together we can fight for fair recompense and positive change.

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