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Dr. Stephen Matthews: A Sexual Predator

Strength in Numbers—Holding Denver Cardiologist, Dating Apps Accountable for Sexual Assault

Dr. Stephen Matthews is currently facing 51 felony counts for drugging and sexually assaulting 13 women in the Denver area. In addition to the criminal charges, the disgraced Denver cardiologist faces civil liability for the harm he has caused multiple women.

Burg Simpson is currently representing and investigating this matter on behalf of several individuals seeking accountability for the injuries and damages they have sustained as a result of sexual assault by Dr. Stephen Mattews. In addition to claims against Dr. Matthews, our lawyers are exploring legal action against the dating apps Matthews used to find his victims. We believe the dating apps Tinder and Hinge (the apps Matthews is accused of using to connect with the women) should be held accountable when predators like Stephen Matthews use the platforms to victimize innocent people.

Dr. Stephen Matthews

As with so many cases of sexual assault, we suspect Dr. Stephen Matthews victimized more women than the 13 brave individuals who have come forward so far. There is strength in numbers. If you were victimized by Dr. Stephen Matthews or have information that can aid us in pursuing justice for the victims, we urge you to fill out the form on this page or call Burg Simpson at 303-792-5595 today.

The information you share is 100% confidential. Our team will follow up with you as soon as possible to discuss your situation and determine the next steps.

Dr. Stephen Matthews: A Sexual Predator

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As reported by victims of Dr. Stephen Matthews, they share remarkably similar stories. They first met Matthews on a dating app and eventually went on a date with him. After going to his home, Matthews would prepare them a drink. The women report that they then became disoriented, suggesting they were drugged without their knowledge. Stephen Matthews would then sexually assault the women when they were drugged and helpless.

The survivors’ memories of the assault tend to be hazy—likely due to involuntary drug intoxication. One woman recalls waking up to find Dr. Stephen Matthews assaulting her. Another reported that Dr. Matthews sent nude pictures of her when she refused to see him again.

Dr. Stephen Matthews was first arrested in March 2023 when a woman told Denver police that she was date-raped by Matthews and woke up with bruises on her chest. She later learned that a family friend had gone on a date with Matthews several years earlier and endured a similar experience.

Since the initial arrest, multiple women have come forward. The reported assaults date back to 2019.

Attorney Stephen Burg was recently interviewed by Denver 7 on the charges Dr. Matthews is facing and pending civil litigation against Dr. Matthews and the dating apps. Read the article HERE.

Dating Apps Complicit in Sexual Assault

Burg Simpson is at the leading edge of sexual assault litigation. Our experience and results in this complex and sensitive area of law are derived from our commitment to holding not only individual defendants accountable but the corporations and institutions that enable sexual assault and abuse.

The lax policies on dating apps allow defendants like Dr. Stephen Matthews to find and prey upon their victims. These apps have a responsibility to protect their users. Civil lawsuits against dating apps are a means of effecting change and ensuring something like this never happens again.

Make a difference. Make an impact. If you were assaulted by Dr. Stephen Matthews after using a dating app (or have information about such an incident), contact Burg Simpson for a FREE and confidential case evaluation.

Were You a Patient of Dr. Stephen Matthews?

Dr. Stephen Matthews is a licensed cardiologist affiliated with multiple hospitals in the Denver area. In spite of the sexual assault charges against him, Dr. Matthews successfully renewed his medical license in 2023. After more women came forward and additional charges were filed, Dr. Matthews agreed to “stop practicing medicine on an interim basis.” To date, no disciplinary action has been brought against the Denver cardiologist.

All accusations of sexual assault against Dr. Stephen Matthews involve incidents outside of his medical practice. However, patients of Dr. Matthews have a right to be concerned about potential misconduct in clinical settings.

If you are or were a patient of Dr. Stephen Matthews and you have information concerning these sexual assault allegations (or you believe you are a victim of the same), Burg Simpson can help. Our trustworthy lawyers and staff can be reached online or by phone at 303-792-5595.

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Sexual assault should never go unpunished. Unfortunately, victims’ feelings of shame, embarrassment, and anguish often result in instances of sexual abuse and assault going unreported.

If you were victimized by Dr. Stephen Matthews, you are not alone. Multiple victims have come forward. Strength in numbers is essential for holding sexual predators accountable. The combined voices of multiple victims also make it possible to hold dating apps accountable for allowing predators to treat their platforms like a hunting ground.

At Burg Simpson, we believe we can make a positive difference in the community through the cases we select and the clients we serve. Our Colorado law office is proud to represent women in and around the Denver area who are seeking justice after being victimized by Dr. Stephen Matthews via Tinder, Hinge, or another dating app.

Help us hold Dr. Stephen Matthews and the dating apps he used to prey upon women accountable. Contact Burg Simpson using the form on this page or call today for a FREE case review. Any information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence by professionals devoted to your privacy, your safety, and your pursuit of justice.

*Dr. Stephen Matthews is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This information and content is based on victims’ independent accounts they have reported to law enforcement.

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