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Oil & Gas Accident Injury Attorneys in Denver

Oil & Gas Accident Lawyers Serving All of Colorado

The Denver oil and gas accident injury lawyers at Burg Simpson Law Firm have witnessed the dangers and consequences workers in this field face every day. As the fifth-largest oil-producing state in the nation, jobs in this sector are abundant and often lucrative. Tragically, due to the dangerous nature of the job and what are often inadequate safety measures for workers, the higher number of workers in our state means larger instances of serious injury from oil and gas accidents as well.

If you are an oil and gas worker who has suffered a serious injury, it is important to know that you have several rights and options when it comes to seeking fair compensation. Whether due to negligence, unsafe working conditions, or other factors, injured oil and gas employees may be able to take legal action through multiple channels. However, navigating the legal landscape in such cases can be complex and daunting, making it important to talk to a lawyer before deciding how best to proceed.

At Burg Simpson, our experienced workplace injury lawyers are committed to supporting victims of oil and gas industry accidents. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by workers in this sector, we offer experienced legal advice and personalized representation, enabling us to customize our approach in seeking the compensation you are due.

If you have been injured in an oil or gas accident in Colorado, our experienced team is here to help. Call us at 303-792-5595 to schedule a FREE and confidential consultation and learn how we can assist you with your claim. Located in Denver, we proudly serve injured workers in the metro area, Northeastern Colorado, Northwestern Colorado, and throughout the mountainous regions.

Oil worker checking pump | Burg Simpson

Leading Causes of Colorado Oil & Gas Accidents

Due to the dangerous nature of oil and gas production, there are several risks faced by employees in these fields. Some of the most common causes of oil and gas accident injuries include:

  • Vehicle Collisions: These can occur during commutes to and from work, with vehicles used to transport water for fracking, and increased levels of employee exhaustion after long and physically demanding shifts.
  • Transportation Hazards: Loading and unloading operations, often involving heavy and hazardous materials, pose risks of spills, accidents, and injuries, especially if not conducted with proper care and equipment.
  • Machine Hazards: Heavy machinery—particularly when operated in unguarded areas—poses a significant risk for injury. These risks can be made worse by noise, vibration, and similar occurrences that are common in oil and gas extraction and production.
  • Chemical Exposure: Prolonged exposure to the chemicals needed for oil and gas extraction and production often results in headaches, nausea, and dizziness. Chemical exposure can also lead to burns, respiratory distress, and death.
  • Fall Hazards: A great deal of oil and gas extraction involves working on elevated platforms. Faulty harnesses, spills, loose tools, and equipment can all lead to a tragic fall.
  • Fires and Explosions: Working with highly combustible materials involves a higher-than-average risk of fires and explosions, many of which are serious or fatal.
  • Drilling Hazards: Drilling presents risks such as equipment failure, high-pressure zones, and unexpected changes in underground conditions.
  • Workover Operations: Maintaining and repairing wells can be hazardous if not done properly. This includes risks from high-pressure wells, handling heavy equipment, and potential exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Poor Servicing and Maintenance: Neglect or improper handling of equipment and worksites can pose serious threats to worker safety.

The risk of injury faced by oil and gas employees is incredibly high. Sadly, these injuries are often a result of avoidable issues brought about by factors including: 

  • Defective Products: Malfunctioning or poorly designed equipment in oil and gas operations can lead to serious accidents.
  • Poor Pipeline Maintenance/Pipeline Failure: Pipeline failure due to poor maintenance, corrosion, or damage can lead to leaks, environmental hazards, and risks to workers and nearby communities.
  • Casing Failure: The structural integrity of well casings is vital for safe extraction. Failure of these casings can lead to blowouts, leaks, and other catastrophic events.
  • Rig or Equipment Collapse: The structural failure of oil or gas rigs and equipment can have disastrous consequences, often due to poor maintenance, design flaws, or external factors like extreme weather conditions.
  • Blowouts: One of the most feared incidents in the oil and gas industry, blowouts can lead to uncontrolled release of oil or gas, posing severe risks to workers and the environment.
  • Negligent Hiring or Supervision: Hiring workers without proper background checks or training and/or lack of adequate supervision can lead to accidents and injuries. This negligence can be a significant factor in workplace incidents in the oil and gas industry.

While lengthy, this is far from an exhaustive list of the possible causes of oil and gas accidents and injuries. No matter the cause, if you have been seriously injured while working in the oil and gas industry, Burg Simpson is here to help. Our Denver oil and gas accident injury lawyers will review your case FREE of cost and obligation to help you determine how best to proceed with your claim.

Most Common Injuries in the Oil & Gas Industry

While safety protocols, equipment, and worker protections tend to improve with time, recent statistics indicate year-over-year increases in oil and gas accident injuries. Many of these injuries have long-term consequences that impact workers financially, physically, and emotionally, sometimes for life.

Some of the most common injuries sustained by oil and gas workers include: 

As with accidents that lead to serious injury, recent data suggests the fatality rate in the oil and gas extraction industry—as part of the broader mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction sector—is also on the rise. These fatalities can have a profound impact on the families who rely on oil and gas workers for financial and emotional support.

If you have lost a loved one in an oil and gas accident in Colorado, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek compensation for lost wages, lost companionship, and other concerns. During your FREE consultation with one of our compassionate oil and gas accident injury lawyers, we will carefully assess your claim to help you determine how best to proceed.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Oil and Gas Accidents in Colorado?

Several parties may be liable for injuries resulting from oil and gas accidents in Colorado. These include:


The owners, operators, and managers of oil rigs, fracking sites, and similar worksites can be held responsible for failing to maintain a safe work environment, improper hiring and training practices, and other types of negligence.

Third-Party Contractors

If the accident is caused by the actions or negligence of third-party contractors working on the site, they can be held liable. Likewise, if an accident is caused by a visitor to the site, regardless of their purpose, they may be liable for your injuries.

Equipment Manufacturers

In cases where faulty or defective equipment leads to an accident, the manufacturer of that equipment might be responsible. However, if equipment failure is the result of poor maintenance or improper use, another party—such as the employer—may hold the blame.

Property Owners

For accidents occurring due to unsafe conditions on the property where oil and gas operations are conducted, the property owner may be held liable.

Oil and gas accidents are seldom cut-and-dry and determining liability can be incredibly complex. Discussing your case with one of our Denver oil and gas accident injury lawyers can help you determine who is to blame and how best to seek the compensation you are due.

Oil pumpjack at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado | Burg Simpson

Types of Damages Available for Victims of Oil and Gas Accidents

Depending on who can be held liable for your accident, there are different avenues to pursue for compensation. The type of case you file will determine the course of your claim and which damages are available in the short and long term.

If your accident was caused by the inherent risks of working in the oil and gas industry, the best course of action may be a workers’ compensation claim. These claims do not require a liable party and offer benefits to injured workers regardless of fault.

Through a workers’ compensation claim, you can receive compensation for:

  • A portion of your weekly wage
  • All related medical expenses
  • Travel expenses to and from medical appointments

Workers’ comp payments will continue until your doctor decides you have reached your maximum recovery.

If your accident was caused by a third party or was the result of someone else’s negligence, your best option may be a personal injury lawsuit. This type of legal action entitles you to seek compensation for a variety of damages including:

  • Economic damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of earning capacity.
  • Non-economic damages like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Punitive damages in cases of gross negligence or malicious intent.

Each oil and gas accident is unique and no single option is ideal for every situation. The best way to learn which option is most suitable for you is through a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced injury lawyers.

How Much Time Do I Have to File an Oil & Gas Accident Claim?

In the state of Colorado, victims of serious injury typically have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. For motor vehicle accidents, the statute of limitations extends to three years from the date of the accident. There are certain exceptions to the statute of limitations, but it is always a good idea to speak with an attorney as soon as you can. Swift action can help to ensure evidence is preserved, speed the investigative process, and work to secure compensation more quickly. However, even if you believe your time to take legal action has expired it is a good idea to consult with a lawyer to learn about your legal options.

Workers’ compensation claims are governed by the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. This act allows injured workers up to two years to file a claim. However, you must report your injury to your employer within four days of the accident’s occurrence.

Why Choose Burg Simpson For Your Oil & Gas Accident Claim?

The Denver oil and gas accident injury lawyers at Burg Simpson Law Firm have decades of experience helping injured workers seek fair and full compensation. As a branch of a much larger national firm, our attorneys have access to the resources and support necessary to conduct thorough investigations, build solid cases, and take claims as far as needed in our pursuit of justice. Our firm has a long history of securing significant verdicts and settlements for victims of serious injury, earning us numerous awards and accolades from both national and local organizations.

Each case we take is thoroughly researched and meticulously prepared, enabling us to take the best course of action for each situation. While a majority of these claims are settled during negotiations, our tireless advocacy of your rights sees that you are protected and represented no matter what is required to resolve your case. We work on a contingency basis, meaning you only pay for our services after we have secured a positive result on your behalf. During your initial consultation, we would be happy to discuss our fee structure in more detail and to answer any questions you have about our firm to help ensure you feel confident and comfortable in your decision.

Contact Our Denver Oil & Gas Accident Lawyers for FREE

To schedule your FREE consultation at our Denver office, please contact Burg Simpson Law Firm online or by calling 303-792-5595 today. We serve the Front Range, Eastern Plains, Western Slope, and all areas of Colorado and can come to you if your injury makes travel difficult.

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