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Denver Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Bicycle Accident Attorneys Serving Our Neighbors in the Denver Metro Area & Throughout Colorado

The Denver bicycle accident lawyers at Burg Simpson Law Firm bring more than just their comprehensive legal knowledge to each case. They also bring a deep sense of concern and commitment to each client. Bicycles are no match for the hulking metal of the cars and trucks on the road. The injuries suffered by cyclists involved in bike crashes can devastate victims and their families.

According to the National Safety Council’s Injury Facts, there were nearly 300,000 nonfatal injuries and 1,230 preventable deaths from bicycle accidents in 2021. Each of those accidents left an unsuspecting victim and their family in pain. In the best case, injured cyclists face recovery and medical bills. In the worst, they face permanent disabilities or even death.

These statistics exemplify the dangers cyclists face on the roads and the critical need for safety measures and awareness. These figures also emphasize the importance of legal representation and advocacy for those injured in bicycle crashes.

Cyclists face a disproportionately higher risk of serious injury or fatality compared to motor vehicle occupants. If you have been injured in a bike crash due to someone else’s negligence, you should not have to navigate the aftermath alone. Burg Simpson’s Denver bicycle accident lawyers bring strong local knowledge, robust national resources, and a deep sense of concern and commitment to each case.

Our Denver bicycle accident injury lawyers are dedicated to championing your rights and securing the compensation you deserve. Contact us online or call 303-792-5595 for a FREE and confidential case evaluation. We represent our neighbors in Denver and throughout Colorado. At Burg Simpson Law Firm, we do not just represent clients—we work to change their lives for the better.

Two cyclists riding their bikes along a road in the Foothills outside Boulder, Colorado | Burg Simpson

What Are the Most Common Causes of Bike Accidents in Denver, Colorado?

Bicycle accidents in Denver, Colorado, often result from a variety of factors. Understanding these common causes can help both cyclists and drivers prevent future accidents:

  • Distracted Driving: One of the leading causes is drivers failing to notice cyclists due to texting, phone calls, or other distractions.
  • Opening Car Doors: Often referred to as “dooring,” this happens when a parked motorist opens their car door without checking for an oncoming cyclist.
  • Right of Way Errors: Accidents frequently occur at intersections due to errors in judgment or failure to yield the right of way to cyclists.
  • Speeding: Exceeding speed limits or driving too fast for conditions can lead to severe accidents with cyclists, giving drivers less time to react.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Potholes, uneven surfaces, and debris on the road can cause cyclists to lose control, particularly in areas lacking proper bike lanes.
  • Cyclist Error: Sometimes, accidents are due to mistakes by cyclists, such as ignoring traffic signals, riding against traffic, or unsafe lane changes.
  • Impaired Driving/Riding: Both cyclists and drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs significantly increase the risk of accidents.
  • Inclement Weather: Rain, snow, and ice can reduce visibility and road traction, making it challenging for vehicles and bicycles to maneuver safely.

These factors highlight the need for vigilance and adherence to road safety rules by all parties. In the event of an accident, a Denver bicycle accident lawyer can offer crucial guidance and support, especially in navigating complex accident claims.

Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle accidents, unfortunately, often result in a range of physical injuries, some of which can have long-lasting effects on the victim. Common injuries sustained in bicycle accidents include:

  • Head Injuries (including concussions & traumatic brain injuries)
  • Fractures
  • Road Rash
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Dental & Facial Injuries
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Organ Damage
  • Soft Tissue Injuries (including sprains, strains & ligament injuries)

It is vital to seek immediate medical attention following a bicycle accident, as well as legal advice for potential compensation claims.

What to do after a bike crash in Denver | Burg Simpson

Who Is Usually At Fault If a Bicycle Is Involved in an Accident?

Determining fault in bicycle accidents involves a careful analysis of the incident’s circumstances. Fault can vary depending on several factors:

Driver Negligence

Often, the motorist is at fault, especially in cases of distracted driving, failure to yield the right of way, or violating traffic laws. For instance, if a driver turns right across a bike lane without checking for cyclists, they would likely be held responsible.

Cyclist’s Actions

In some cases, the cyclist might be at fault. This includes situations where the cyclist disobeys traffic signals, rides against traffic, or suddenly swerves into a vehicle’s path.

Shared Fault

There are scenarios where both parties share the blame. For example, an accident may occur if a cyclist rides without lights at night and a driver fails to stop at a crosswalk.

In a Denver bicycle accident, comparative negligence would come into play under Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-21-111. The amount of damages awarded to an injured party can be reduced based on their percentage of fault. If a party is found to be partially responsible for their own injuries, their compensation will be decreased proportionally.

However, if their share of fault is 50% or greater, they are not eligible to receive any damages. This approach ensures that damages are allocated fairly, reflecting each party’s degree of responsibility in the incident.

Other Factors

Sometimes, neither the driver nor the cyclist is entirely at fault. Poor road conditions, obstructed signage, or mechanical failures can also lead to accidents.

Understanding fault in bicycle accidents in Colorado is essential since it affects compensation claims. A Denver bicycle accident lawyer can offer guidance in these situations, helping determine fault and navigate the legal processes for pursuing due compensation.

What To Do After a Bike Crash in Denver, Colorado

After a bicycle accident, taking the proper steps is crucial for protecting your health and legal rights. Ideally, these are the steps you would take following a bike crash:

1. Seek Medical Attention

Always prioritize your health. Call an ambulance or go directly to the emergency room if your injuries are severe. For injuries that are not as serious, you should still visit urgent care or make an appointment with your physician as soon as possible. Even when injuries seem minor, some symptoms may be masked by adrenaline or appear later.

Promptly seeking medical attention ensures action is taken to address your injuries. It also safeguards any claim for compensation you may need to pursue in the future. Proof of your injuries and treatment will strengthen your case. Delaying treatment can raise questions as to the veracity of your claim.

2. Report the Accident

Whenever a bike crash occurs, the police should be contacted, and a crash report should be created. This is especially vital if the cyclist suffers ANY bodily injury. The injuries do not have to be serious. A crash report should be filed if there is any injury at all.

A bike crash report will be valuable should you need to file a claim for damages. Filing an accident report begins the investigation process, which can help establish liability and legitimize your case.

3. Gather Information

Collect details from the involved parties, including names, contact information, and insurance details. Note the vehicle’s make, model, and license plate if applicable. Additionally, take down the information of any witnesses at the scene.

There is no need to discuss the accident details or fault with the other party(ies) involved in the accident. In fact, avoid doing so. Liability will be established after an investigation, and anything you say at this point could be used against you later.

4. Document the Scene

Another critical step is to document the accident scene and collect evidence substantiating your claim. Take photos of the accident site, including road conditions, traffic signals, and any obstructions. Also, photograph your injuries and any damage to your bicycle.

These images serve as concrete evidence to support your account of the incident. They are invaluable in establishing the facts when pursuing a legal claim, providing clarity and detail that words alone might not convey.

5. Preserve Evidence

Gathering evidence is key to building a solid bicycle accident claim. Begin by collecting documentation related to the incident: medical bills, treatment records, police reports, and any correspondence with healthcare providers. These documents detail the extent and costs of your injuries and offer an official account of the accident.

Additionally, keep your damaged bicycle and clothing as they are. Keeping a record of all these elements is crucial as they collectively form a comprehensive narrative of the accident, its financial impact, and your recovery journey. This thorough collection of evidence is instrumental in ensuring you can present a well-substantiated claim for compensation.

6. Contact a Denver Bicycle Accident Attorney

As soon as you have addressed immediate health concerns, the next critical step is to contact a Denver bicycle accident lawyer. A skilled attorney can offer invaluable advice, help collect and interpret evidence, and guide you on the best course of legal action. They can assess the strength of your claim, advise on potential compensation, and begin the process of legal advocacy.

A bike crash attorney’s knowledge and experience are essential in pursuing a claim for compensation, ensuring that your rights are protected and your case is presented effectively. This professional guidance can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim, providing you with the support and representation needed during this challenging time.

After an accident, your immediate focus should be on recovery. While you take care of your health, a skilled Denver bicycle accident attorney can help handle your injury claim, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

Denver bicycle accident lawyer

Compensation for Colorado Bike Crash Injuries

Victims of bicycle accidents in Colorado may be entitled to various types of compensation, reflecting the diverse impact these incidents can have on their lives. Potential damages include:

  • Medical Expenses (current & future)
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Property Damage
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life
  • Permanent Disability or Disfigurement

Each bicycle accident claim is unique, and the specific compensation available can vary. A Denver bicycle accident lawyer can provide personalized guidance on the types of damages applicable to your situation, ensuring you seek a comprehensive claim reflective of the full extent of your injuries and losses.

How Can a Denver Bike Crash Attorney Help?

A Denver bicycle accident lawyer plays an essential role in guiding victims through the aftermath of a bicycle accident. Their understanding and support can be pivotal in several ways:

Legal Knowledge

Navigating Colorado’s traffic laws and personal injury statutes can be daunting for an inexperienced person, especially when you are also struggling to recover from your injuries. An accomplished attorney brings the necessary legal acumen to handle these complexities effectively.

Investigative Resources

Attorneys have access to resources for conducting thorough investigations to build a strong case. This includes gathering evidence, reconstructing the accident scene, and consulting with experts.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Bike crash attorneys are adept at negotiating with insurance companies, ensuring victims do not settle for less than they deserve. They understand the tactics insurers may use to minimize payouts and can counteract these effectively.

Determining Compensation

A bike crash lawyer can accurately assess the full extent of damages—from medical bills and lost income to pain and suffering—ensuring you pursue a claim that truly reflects the impact of the accident.

Representation in Court

If a fair settlement cannot be reached through negotiation, a Denver bicycle accident lawyer can represent your interests in court, advocating passionately on your behalf.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps most importantly, having a dedicated attorney allows you to focus on your recovery, knowing your legal claim is in capable hands.

A Denver bicycle accident injury lawyer enhances your chances of receiving fair compensation and provides invaluable peace of mind during a challenging time. With their help, you can confidently navigate the legal process and focus on what is most important—your recovery.

Contact the Denver Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Burg Simpson

Dealing with the aftermath of a bicycle accident in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado can be an overwhelming experience. The path to recovery often involves not only physical healing but also navigating a maze of legal and financial challenges. At such a critical juncture, the assistance of a Denver bicycle accident lawyer becomes indispensable.

The team at Burg Simpson Law Firm is adept at unraveling the complexities of bicycle accident cases. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring you fully understand your rights and the various paths available for seeking compensation. We recognize that justice in these cases goes beyond covering immediate medical costs. It is about comprehensively addressing the accident’s long-term physical, emotional, and financial impacts.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can call us at 303-792-5595, contact us online, or complete a FREE Case Evaluation form. Rest assured, your consultation with us will be confidential.

At Burg Simpson, we are Good Lawyers. Changing Lives.® We pride ourselves on using our local knowledge and national resources to ensure every avenue for rightful compensation is thoroughly explored. Our commitment is to not only represent you legally but to support and guide you through every step of this challenging journey.

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