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Burg Simpson Files Class Action on Behalf of Ohio Ambetter Policyholders

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The attorneys at Burg Simpson have filed a class action case against Centene and Buckeye Health related to the sale of their Affordable Care Act insurance, Ambetter. The class action complaint alleges that Centene and Buckeye Health breached the terms of the insurance contract by failing to maintain a current and up-to-date provider directory.

Ambetter’s online provider directory claims that a multitude of healthcare providers are within its insurance network. The class action complaint alleges, however, that many of the providers included in the directory are not in-network.

Senior woman filling out health insurance paperwork at doctor's office | Burg Simpson Law Firm

Unfortunately, individuals may learn only after purchasing the insurance that many of these alleged “in-network” providers do not accept Ambetter insurance, leaving these individuals with few options to get the healthcare they need. Many insureds may incur out-of-pocket costs if the provider they visit for medical care is out-of-network despite being listed on Ambetter’s provider directory.

Class action lawsuits allow consumers, whose individual claims may be too small to file an individual action, to join forces in one action to seek compensation against large corporate defendants. The federal court must grant approval for this case to proceed as a class action.

Burg Simpson has filed all the necessary paperwork with the court seeking to proceed on behalf of a class and is awaiting a decision from the court. The class action seeks monetary compensation for current and former Ambetter insureds for purchasing insurance which has a smaller network of providers than what Ambetter included in the provider directory.

If you or a loved one purchased an Ambetter policy from Buckeye Health through the Ohio Health Insurance Exchange and have had difficulty with Ambetter’s online provider directory, call one of our experienced Ohio attorneys at 888-895-2080 or fill out our contact form for a FREE, no-obligation consultation today.