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Financial, Security, and Investment Disputes

Disputes over assets – whether it’s stocks, bonds, marketable securities, commodities, or trusts – can make or break even the strongest businesses. The business lawyers at Burg Simpson pride themselves on offering both national and international corporations, regional and local businesses, as well as individuals, the very best legal representation when a business or commercial disputes arise.

If you are engaged in a banking, lending, securities, or other investment dispute, Burg Simpson can help you resolve it. Our commercial litigation lawyers have decades of experience in litigating financial and investment disputes. We have the experience and resources to help evaluate and resolve the dispute in a cost-effective manner, whether through negotiated settlement or trial, in necessary.

Types of Financial, Securities, and Investment Disputes

Negotiating agreements and resolving disputes is a routine part of doing business. Some of the most common financial, security, and investment disputes we handle for our clients include:

  • Stock distribution: Disagreements over a company issuing stock frequently center on the subject of price, but conflicts can also rise over how stock is distributed, among other things.
  • Fund access: Business partners often clash over the ability to access certain corporate assets.
  • Disclosure: Corporate investments have to be handled carefully, and only after full disclosures are made to investors. Otherwise, companies run the risk of exposure to allegations of fraud.
  • Foreign investments: Domestic investments are complex enough, but investing overseas can add a layer of complications that intimidate most businesses, as well as their attorneys

If you need assistance dealing with any of these corporate disputes, you need experienced legal counsel to help protest your interests and those of your business. Call a Burg Simpson corporate litigation lawyer immediately at (866) 234-7768.

Call a Burg Simpson Business Attorney for Help

Securities and investment disputes are frequently complex. If you need strong courtroom advocacy in a financial or investment dispute, the commercial litigation attorneys at Burg Simpson are here to help. Call us today at (866) 234-7768 or fill out our FREE case evaluation to start your claim.

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