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Truck And Delivery Drivers

Truck and delivery drivers are often faced with a higher-than-normal rate of danger on the job. In fact, one out of six workers killed on the job is a tractor-trailer truck driver. In 2019, the most recent year for which complete data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is available, 892 truck drivers died in accidents, the highest number since 1988. While transportation incidents accounted for the vast majority of deaths, there are still plenty of other workplace hazards that pose a threat to truck and delivery drivers.

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On-the-Job Hazards for Truck and Delivery Drivers

As part of their job, employees typically are required to face heavy lifting, operate large machinery, and maneuver unpredictable road conditions while they are driving. This can pose significant accident risks, which may require truck and delivery workers’ compensation assistance. Tractor-trailer truck drivers are responsible for roughly one out of every 20 workplace injury and illness incidents that required time away from work.

Delivery drivers also face similar on-the-job perils, if not worse. For example, in 2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked pizza delivery driver as one of the country’s deadliest occupations, particularly in terms of facing violence on the job. In 2014, assailants shot at least 20 pizza delivery drivers in the U.S.

The most common injuries truck and delivery drivers may face at work are:

  • Transportation incidents: Traffic accidents account for nearly 80 percent of on-the-job injuries and deaths, due in no small part to the amount of time they spend on the road.
  • Loading and unloading accidents: Aside from spending the bulk of their time behind the wheel, drivers spend a lot of their workdays loading and unloading cargo, which can contribute to musculoskeletal and repetitive motion injuries. In fact, tractor-trailer drivers rank third nationally for employees who suffer musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Slips and falls: Drivers who spend a lot of time working in inclement weather run a higher-than-average risk of slipping and falling when getting in and out of their vehicle.
  • Exposure to hazardous substances, chemicals, and toxins: Drivers often spend prolonged periods of time exposed to exhaust fumes and other toxins.

These injuries may be compounded by the fact that truck drivers of all types who get hurt on the job take longer than most to recover from their injuries. According to numbers from the BLS, approximately half of all truck drivers need at least 20 days of recovery before they are able to return to work.

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