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Bet Your Business

Starting a business is a big risk, but it’s even scarier to be forced to put that business on the line because of litigation so serious that it threatens the entire future of the company. While it may sound misleading “bet-the-company” litigation is any type of litigation that threatens the business’s continued existence. Bet-the-company litigation can include the loss of key talent, a government investigation, or a civil judgment that could render the company insolvent.

This type of business litigation is on the rise. Bet-the-company cases have quadrupled between 2014 and 2016, according to research from BTI Consulting Group. If your company has been caught in a bet- the-company case and you need legal help, call the national corporate litigation attorneys at Burg Simpson today at (866) 234-7768.

Types of Bet-the-Company Cases

Bet-the-company litigation can take many shapes, all of them costly. A few of the most common types of these cases include:

  • Minority shareholder litigation: These cases can result in the sale of the company – or parts of it – to appease a minority shareholder’s judgment or demands.
  • Trade secret litigation: A former employee who has absconded with company trade secrets may fall under this area of the law.
  • Intellectual property litigation: If a company is prevented from doing business because they are unable to rely on their own intellectual property, it generally falls into this category.
  • Product liability cases: Lawsuits over a potential product liability could threaten the future existence of the business.
  • Industrial accidents: A large-scale incident could put a company’s future at risk.

Bet-the-company litigation can reshape the entire landscape of a business, whether it involves contracts, corporate or partnership law, securities, antitrust, intellectual property, or product liability. Involvement in this type of complex litigation requires a sophisticated and multi-faceted approach. These cases often involve several interested parties, such as investors, shareholders, and regulatory entities. Bet-the-company cases may even include multiple jurisdictions, such as both state and federal authorities. Aggressive, powerful, results-oriented advocacy is necessary to secure a favorable outcome, and the corporate litigation lawyers at Burg Simpson can help. Call us today at (866) 234-7768 to discuss your case.

Burg Simpson Pursues Goal-Oriented Action in Bet-the-Company Cases

The commercial litigation lawyers at Burg Simpson provide experienced representation to every type and size of business, from large corporations to smaller family-owned businesses. We have earned an unmatched reputation as one of the premier trial law firms in the country. We will work tirelessly to bring your case to a favorable resolution, whether through a jury trial, arbitration, or through settlement negotiations. Our bet-the-company litigation lawyers are admitted in multiple states and federal courts around the country so we can handle any national case.

Burg Simpson’s mission is to provide the best goal-oriented, cost-effective representation possible. Every action we take is for the specific purpose of achieving the goals agreed on with the client before we even begin the case. We believe success comes not just by prevailing in your particular legal matter, but by doing it in a way that advances the best interest of our clients outside of the courtroom.

Burg Simpson’s business and commercial team is a collaborative group of firm shareholders, senior lawyers, associates, and paralegals. We are able to provide high-level, in-depth research, along with quality writing and analytical services to all of our business litigation clients.

Contact Our Business/Commercial Lawyers Today

Every company’s situation is unique, and bet-the-company litigation is frequently as complicated as it gets. Even if you have in-house counsel, you may want to seek outside legal assistance to protect your legal rights and save the company you have worked so hard to build. Reach out to our experience corporate litigation attorneys right away by calling (866) 234-7768 or fill out our FREE case evaluation form.

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