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Design Errors

Design professionals, such as architects and engineers, have to meet rigorous professional standards to protect the safety, health, property, and welfare of the public. These professionals are expected to only approve design documents that are prepared with applied technical knowledge and skills. As a result, design professionals are responsible for damages caused by their negligent design or related services, such as quality assurance observations during construction. In addition, a homeowner’s reliance on an engineer’s written report may give rise to a misrepresentation claim.

Determination of whether design errors exist and impose liability on a design professional requires a detailed analysis of many technical documents and resources. These include construction plans, specifications, reports, applicable building codes and other standards, and state laws, and state licensing board rules and regulations specific to design professionals and their services.

Our construction defect attorneys have extensive experience analyzing this information. We have worked with consulting architects and engineers to help homeowners and homeowner associations determine whether their construction defects are the result of design errors that may warrant or require claims against design professionals involved in the design and construction of their home and community. Call Burg Simpson today at (866) 506-3183 or fill out a FREE case evaluation form.

Who Are the Responsible Parties when Design Errors Appear?

There are a number of parties involved in the design and construction of a new home. Three of the most important people involved in building a new home include:

  • Architects: Architects are responsible for designing new homes, but these licensed professionals also supervise the execution of their designs and the actual home construction. Frequently, the architect has to make changes to their original designs during the construction process. Generally speaking, the architect is responsible for three different roles: design, documentation, and construction. Design defects can arise when the architect’s plans are not complete or are inaccurate.
  • Contractors: Contractors, or construction managers, plan and supervise new home construction. They also work closely with the architect so they can meticulously execute their original design. Design defects will emerge if that design contains flaws that the contractor either did not recognize or simply overlooked.
  • Subcontractors: Subcontractors are the employees who actually execute the contractor’s orders. They are divided into specialties, such as masons, electricians, and carpenters, for example.

Design errors fall into three different classifications:

  • Skill or performance-based errors
  • Rule or knowledge-based errors
  • Intentional violations or simple noncompliance

Contact Our Construction Defect Law Firm Today

If your new home has design defects that threaten the value of your investment or the health and safety of your family, you need to speak with the construction defect lawyers at Burg Simpson as soon as possible. Almost all of our representation in cases of design errors is handled on a contingency fee basis. Until we recover financial compensation, you pay no attorney fees. Please note though, that in accordance with legal ethics rules, you may be responsible for certain court costs.

Every case is unique and the laws governing home building and construction defects are being adjusted all the time. To fully understand your legal rights, speak directly with a construction defect attorney about your situation. Call us today as (866) 506-3183 or fill out our FREE case evaluation form as soon as possible.

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