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Building Exterior Defects

Exterior building components include roofs, siding, stucco, brick, stone, windows, doors and other fenestrations, house wraps, flashings, foundation walls, and exposed architectural elements. Once connected to each other and the building itself, these components comprise an integrated system designed to prevent outside moisture, such as rain and snow, from passing beyond the skin and entering and damaging parts of the building, such as walls, floor, wall and floor cavities, interiors and interior finishes, and ceilings. Exterior building defects can result in multiple leaks at different locations, causing serious and ongoing damage to a home’s common elements.

Damages caused by exterior building defects are often hidden from view by the components themselves. The construction defect attorneys at Burg Simpson work with homeowners and homeowner associations to thoroughly investigate whether exterior building components are correctly installed and integrated with one another, and if not, the severity and extent of concealed damage as well as the anticipated nature and scope of repair. By doing so, fully informed analysis and decisions can be made about your potential building exterior defect claim.

If your new home has an exterior building construction defect and your builder or developer has been unwilling to work with you, call a construction defects lawyer at Burg Simpson today at (866) 506-3183 or fill out our free case evaluation form now.

What Are the Most Common Exterior Building Defects?

A construction defect is defined as any defect in the design or construction of any improvement to real property that causes personal injury or damage to real or personal property. The most common flaws found in building exteriors include:

  • Roofing: Problems with roof installation and/or materials can include unsealed penetrations, missing shingles, shoddy underlayment, and more. The roof can be a major source of exterior construction defects.
  • Windows: Leaks through windows or walls near windows are a sign of bad window installation and a common type of construction defect.
  • Doors: Defects with door installations can include improper or missing flashing.
  • Sliding glass doors: Improper installation of sliding glass doors can result in leaks and possible water damage.
  • Exterior enclosure: These issues can affect stucco (cracking, window/door separation), masonry veneer (loose or cracking veneers), and the siding and trim (poor weather barrier, poor lapping or flashing).
  • Balconies and decks: Issues with these exterior features may include flaws in either design or installation. Examples are general poor workmanship, improper materials or fasteners, failure to add flashing, or using the wrong concrete mix, among other problems.

How Much Does a Construction Defects Claim Cost?

Call the Experienced Construction Defect Lawyers at Burg Simpson

Exterior defects in a new home can do an extensive amount of damage over time, whether the issue is caused by water leaking into your attic or poor ventilation that can threaten your family’s health. If you think your home may have design flaws or construction defects, you need to speak with the construction defect attorneys at Burg Simpson immediately. Call us at (866) 506-3183 or fill out our free case evaluation form now.

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