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Family Law Attorneys

Are you in the middle of a divorce?
Are you having trouble negotiating custody and support?
Have you recently been appointed a guardian?
Burg Simpson can help you!

We currently only handle Family Law cases at our BURG SIMPSON WYOMING office.

Family law is generally defined as an area of legal practice that focuses on issues pertaining to family relationships. These include marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, paternity, and domestic abuse, among others. An attorney who practices family law can both represent clients in court and in private negotiations, as well as draft important legal documents such as court petitions, divorce settlement agreements, and prenuptial agreements.

The family law attorneys at Burg Simpson are skilled legal advocates who know full well the significant emotional toll that being involved in a domestic relations case can take on an individual. As such, all the family law attorneys at our prestigious national law firm consistently strive to exhibit the utmost compassion and understanding while representing clients in such delicate legal matters.

Burg Simpson proudly provides expert legal guidance with respect to:


Ending a marriage through divorce can be a complex and time-consuming process. At Burg Simpson, our family law attorneys are well-versed in all the important procedural aspects of successfully handling a divorce case from start to finish. Should we decide to work together, we will endeavor to pursue the most favorable divorce settlement on your behalf as possible.


It is often the case that getting a divorce puts one of the former spouses in precarious financial circumstances. In such cases, alimony can be awarded to that spouse so that their reasonable living expenses can be met. The family law attorneys at Burg Simpson have a thorough understanding of how alimony is handled in divorce proceedings in your state.

Child Custody

The complexity of getting divorced is only magnified when minor children are involved and determinations regarding child custody must be made. While many divorcing couples are able to work out their child custody arrangements amicably, others engage in heated child custody battles that generally necessitate significant court intervention.

Child Support

A major component of many divorce cases involving children is the child support calculation. As the laws pertaining to child support can vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, we encourage you to speak with one of the family law attorneys on our team about the applicable child support laws where you live.

Prenuptials Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding contract entered into prior to marriage governing how the couple’s assets will be distributed should the marriage later end. A family law attorney from Burg Simpson will be pleased to discuss with you whether a prenuptial agreement might be an appropriate option for you on your husband or wife to be.

Domestic Violence

The family law attorneys at Burg Simpson have unfortunately seen their fair share of family law cases involving domestic violence. As there are mechanisms in place in all U.S. jurisdictions to prevent domestic violence from recurring, we strongly urge you to come forward with relevant information so that the proper legal actions can be taken.

Post-decree Modifications

The purpose of a post-decree modification is to change a standing legal order so that it better serves the altered life circumstances of any of the covered parties. In other words, a court order stemming from a divorce case isn’t necessarily set in stone forever; it can subsequently be modified if the party requesting it can demonstrate that changed conditions make doing so necessary.

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Have you recently been served with divorce papers? Is your ex-spouse or ex-partner failing in their obligation to pay child support? Are you the victim of domestic violence and don’t where to turn?

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