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Wright Profemur Hip System

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An increasing number of hip replacement patients are reporting serious problems with their Wright PROFEMUR® Hip System implants. Manufacturers by Wright Medical, Inc. the Wright PROFEMUR® Total Hip System is a modular implant, comprised of a femoral stem, modular neck, and femoral head, mated with an artificial acetabular cup.

Growing evidence in the U.S. has shown certain models of the modular neck may suddenly and without warning break a few short years after implant. According to data from the Australian Orthopaedic Association, the early failure of the Wright PROFEMUR® may be high as 11.2 percent – well above the industry average.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to the failure of a Wright PROFEMUR®, contact Burg Simpson today by calling (720) 500-5854 or filling out our FREE case evaluation form.

Wright Medical PROFEMUR® Hip System Investigation

To date, the FDA has received hundreds of reports of modular neck fractures in the Wright PROFEMUR® Hip System. Given the nature, time, and location of these reports, it would appear the problem is not confined to a single “lot” of devices. Based on Wright Medical’s published marketing information, there may be as many as 100,000 similar modular necks implanted in patients to date.

There are numerous models of Wright Medical modular necks, all of different angles and lengths. Further investigations carried out by Burg Simpson’s team of defective medical device lawyers have revealed that individuals fitted with “long” necks, weighing over 230 pounds, and with an active lifestyle have experienced a higher rate of failure than others implanted with these devices.

If you have experienced serious pain or required corrective surgery following the failure of a Wright Medical artificial hip implant, you may be entitled to compensation. However, it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Wright Hip Implant Lawsuit of $4.5 Million Concluded June 11, 2015

The first U.S. trail involving a Wright hip implant lawsuit concluded on June 11, 2015 after a California jury awarded $4.5 million to the plaintiffs in a case involving complications associated with the PROFEMUR hip replacement system. According to court documents filed in the Superior Court of California (Case No. BC475958), Los Angeles County, the jury agreed that the PROFEMUR device contained a manufacturing defect and found that Wright Medical was negligent in designing the implant. The PROFEMUR recipient was awarded $4 million for past and future pain and mental suffering, while his wife was awarded $500,000.

Court documents indicate this case was amount 12,000 Wright hip lawsuits currently pending in U.S. courts, all of which were filed on behalf of individuals who allegedly experienced premature failures of PROFEMUR or CONSERVE hip replacements. The plaintiff claimed in his lawsuit that laser etchings on his PROFEMUR hip replacement made the device brittle and prone to fracture, causing it to snap just three years after it had been implanted. He has since undergone 14 additional surgeries due to dislocations and infection, and will need to have his current artificial hip replaced in the near future.

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