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Defective Building Materials

Builders and developers are always on the lookout for cheaper building materials that can do the same job as the more expensive materials they have been using for years. Selecting different, less expensive materials saves builders and homeowners money, but if new building products are rushed to the market without adequate laboratory analysis, field testing, and/or quality control, homeowners end up paying the price.

Burg Simpson is a leading construction defect litigation law firm. The Burg Simpson construction defect attorneys have extensive experience handling a variety of construction cases, including those related to defective building materials.

Our construction defect attorneys are results-oriented and focused on achieving a resolution in a cost-effective, efficient manner. Our goal is always to ensure you have the home you were promised, as soon as possible.

Accordingly, we encourage homeowner associations and individual homeowners to try and work out problems with builders and developers first. But if you have exhausted all your options and the responsible parties refuse to fix the problem, our law firm can provide assistance. If you need help working with your builder or developer, contact the construction defect lawyers at Burg Simpson by filling out a free Case Evaluation form right now.

Compensation for Damages Caused by Defective Building Materials

We have represented many homeowner associations and thousands of individual homeowners in lawsuits seeking compensation for building material defects and product failures, such as:

  • Defective shingles
  • Leaking and prematurely deteriorating roofs
  • Defective plumbing
  • Leaking windows and doors
  • Degraded or rotted flooring
  • Siding and exterior surface system failures
  • Real and synthetic (EIFS) stucco installation problems
  • Water intrusion from a variety of sources

Building material defects can be traced to a lack of testing, errors in the manufacturing process, improper construction methods or application, or a failure to properly consider the interaction of the components and materials with the environment. Regardless of the source of the product failure, we have the experience and resources necessary to effectively handle any claim related to defective building materials. Call the construction defect attorneys at Burg Simpson at (866) 506-3183 so we can discuss your case details.

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution Tactics

Before proceeding with a lawsuit, we always advise homeowner associations and individual homeowners to work out problems with builders and developers first. However, if you have exhausted every reasonable avenue to get them to fix construction defects, our national trial law firm can help. We strongly encourage the use of “Plan B” settlement discussions involving roundtable meetings of construction experts in an effort to develop a reasonable repair plan to be funded by those responsible for the construction problems.

Homeowner associations and homeowners must be careful that the Plan B process is not misused to make stopgap repairs following an inadequate investigation that will come back to haunt the owners later. No property owners wants to hastily sign an agreement for an insufficient repair.

Contact Burg Simpson

If you think your new home has been built with defective materials, call the construction defect lawyers at Burg Simpson today at (866) 506-3183 or fill out our FREE case evaluation form now for a no-obligation assessment of your case.

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