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Real Estate and Land Use Litigation

Real estate litigation frequently involves complex laws and substantial assets. As more people migrate away from larger cities, many smaller cities across the country are experiencing increased commercial real estate and leasing activity.

Burg Simpson’s real estate and land use litigation attorneys have decades of experience in handling complicated commercial real estate matters. We can handle disputes arising from real estate transactions and events affecting property, including purchase and sale contracts, insurance, environmental contamination, construction, land use, zoning, and boundary or surveying disputes. Our attorneys advise and represent clients through all aspects of real estate disputes, such as failed real estate transactions, easements, rights of way, nuisance claims, zoning, and leases.

If your company is caught in a dispute over real estate or land use, call (800) 544-5484 to discuss your case with a commercial litigation attorney at Burg Simpson as soon as possible.

Real Estate Transactions

Commercial real estate transactions are incredibly complicated and mistakes can be costly. Sometimes real estate transactions fall apart or agreements must be enforced. The real estate attorneys at Burg Simpson can help with any of the following situations:

  • Buy-sell agreements: We have represented both buyers and sellers in real estate deals.
  • Commercial leases: Burg Simpson has experience working with both tenants and landlords during negotiations.
  • Disputes: We have experience negotiating both construction and commercial real estate disagreements.
  • Inspections and assessments: We can help our clients sort through all the various inspections that commercial real estate properties typically face.

Commercial real estate is an expensive, volatile market. Burg Simpson’s business litigation attorneys have handled hundreds of commercial real estate deals, from both sides of the table. If your company is looking to buy or sell a commercial property, do not do anything without talking to a corporate litigation lawyer at Burg Simpson at (866) 344-7582.

Zoning Disputes

Litigation can arise from claims that zoning regulations have been violated or when seeking to overturn improper zoning. Zoning disputes can arise from issues such as:

  • Parking lots
  • Building heights
  • Signage
  • Setback issues

Our commercial litigation lawyers can work with local municipalities and help our clients navigate complex zoning issues. Call Burg Simpson at (866) 344-7582 to discuss your case with us today.


Every real estate transaction entails varying degrees of disclosure among the parties. Disputes can arise both during and after the transaction. In some states, commercial real estate sellers are not obligated to disclose defects as long as buyers are allowed to inspect the property in question. Nevertheless, sellers are still required to be honest in any disclosures they made, otherwise they risk charges of misrepresentation and/or fraud.

Our commercial litigation lawyers are experienced in handling disputes arising from disclosure matters in real estate transactions.

Agent Errors/Omissions

Real estate agents are like doctors in the sense that they both have to comply with a standard of care. They must follow the standards set down by the states in which they practice. Like doctors, real estate agents can be sued for malpractice. In the case of real estate transactions, it’s referred to as errors and omissions. Real estate agents can face litigation for:

  • Failure to disclose a property’s physical and structural problems
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Failure to validate a property listing’s veracity
  • Failure to inform clients about property liens

The business lawyers at Burg Simpson have specialized experience in these areas, including failure to disclose adverse material facts, failure to advise clients to seek expert advice, and earnest money disputes.

Contact a Burg Simpson Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Today

Commercial real estate transactions are frequently more complicated than they appear. Problems may arise in the form of title defects, mechanics liens, and cumbersome zoning regulations. The lawyers at Burg Simpson have decades of experience in handling commercial real estate cases. Don’t allow arbitrary lender requirements or a volatile commercial real estate market to threaten your business. The commercial real estate attorneys at Burg Simpson can help. Call us right away at (866) 344-7582 or fill out a free case evaluation form.

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