Resolving Your Legal Dispute During COVID-19

Resolving Your Legal Dispute During COVID-19

By Burg Simpson
March 5, 2021
2 min read

Methods Used to Resolve Your Legal Dispute During COVID-19:

Our legal system provides various methods for resolving many different types of disputes.

These processes fall into two major categories:

    1. Litigation and arbitration fall into the adjudicative process, in which a judge, jury, or arbitrator determines the outcome of the matter.
    2. Mediation and negotiation fall into the consensual processes in which the parties attempt to reach an agreement.

In a recent video, Burg Simpson shareholder David P. Hersh introduces various methods of dispute resolution:

View the video here

Selecting the Appropriate Method

The method you use to resolve your legal dispute will depend upon your specific needs and the nature of your dispute. You should consult with an attorney to help determine which process best serves your situation. Call Burg Simpson for a free consultation to discuss your legal matter now.

About David P. Hersh

Dave Hersh is a civil trial lawyer with the skill, passion, and experience to win your case.  When your business or health is on the line, Dave is the advocate you want in your corner, fighting for you. For more than 35 years Dave has focused his practice on civil trial work.  Dave thrives on handling complex civil cases, presenting them simply, effectively, and persuasively to a jury.    Dave has tried well over 145 civil jury trials to verdict and has “tried” scores of civil arbitrations and bench trials to their conclusion, with an outstanding “win” record in all venues.  Dave has dedicated his life to advocating for others in their time of need.

Dave is the practice group leader of the business and commercial litigation department of Burg Simpson.  He focuses his practice on complex commercial matters involving contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, ownership disputes, construction matters, “bet your company” litigation, COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims, and professional negligence. Admitted to practice before the United States, Colorado, and Wyoming Supreme Courts, as well as numerous Federal Courts, Dave has tried civil jury trials to verdict throughout the United States.

A skilled and experienced trial lawyer, Dave excels in the courtroom, expertly handling all aspects of litigation through his creative problem solving, persuasive communication, and outstanding analytical skills. He believes that the benchmark of his success comes from his passion for the law and steadfast mission to be the best advocate possible for his clients.    

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