Insurance Company Bad Faith: Protect Your Rights

Insurance Company Bad Faith: Protect Your Rights

By Burg Simpson
April 16, 2010
1 min read

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Insurance companies spend billions of advertising dollars each year in an attempt to earn our trust. In addition, they take trillions in policy premiums and in return promise to indemnify us should we become involved in an accident. Sounds simple. Sadly this isn’t always the case. Denied claims, delayed payments are all acts of Insurance Company Bad Faith and they are becoming more common. Below is a checklist any insurance policy holder would be advised to follow.

1. Read your policy very carefully – if you don’t understand the terminology ask

2. Take care when filling out forms – any small mistake may result in your claim being denied

3. Correspond with your insurer in writing – you never know when you might need that written “proof”

4. Don’t be intimidated – the insurance company is counting on you giving-up and will attempt to settle you claim as quickly and cheaply as possible

5. Get legal help – there is strength in numbers. An experienced insurance company bad faith attorney is only a phone call away.

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