David C. Harman and PLN: Changing the Lives of Underprivileged Scouts

David C. Harman and PLN: Changing the Lives of Underprivileged Scouts

By Burg Simpson
April 24, 2019
2 min read

As an Eagle Scout himself, shareholder David Harman understands the benefits and virtues that Scouting can supply. Accordingly, when an opportunity arose for him to support the Boy Scouts of America (“BSA”) in Cincinnati approximately three years ago, he jumped on it and joined a volunteer group called the Professional Leadership Network (“PLN”).

PLN’s mission is to serve the underprivileged youth in the Cincinnati area. Specifically, PLN members provide fundraising and volunteer support to the Hopkins District, which is part of BSA’s Dan Beard Council. The Hopkins District encompasses 19 inner-city communities and serves nearly 2,000 youth. Mr. Harman currently serves as PLN’s Co-Chair of Scouting Activities. In this role, Mr. Harman helps plan and facilitate PLN’s involvement with the Scouting events run by the Hopkins District.

Traditional Scouting activities can be cost and resource prohibitive in underprivileged areas. Accordingly, PLN strives to help coordinate and staff Scouting events within the Hopkins District to give Scouts and their families the best experience possible. For example, on March 16, 2019, Mr. Harman and approximately 20 other PLN members helped staff a Pinewood Derby Build and Race Day. Typically, a Pinewood Derby involves a Scout building a wooden car at home and then meeting up with their troop to race their cars. For underprivileged Scouts, however, this can be a challenge. Transportation can be difficult and underprivileged Scouts may not have access to the tools or the adult supervision needed to build a Pinewood Derby car. To overcome these challenges, the Hopkins District holds an annual Pinewood Derby Build and Race Day during which Scouts are provided with transportation to the event and all the materials needed to make a Pinewood Derby car. Participating Scouts are guided through various stations in which they design their car, work with adults to cut, sand, and paint their car to match their design, and ultimately race their car – all in one day. This year’s event was a great success and served close to 100 youth.

Undoubtedly, David Harman and the other members of PLN are making a positive impact in the lives of underprivileged Scouts. Indeed, Mr. Harman exemplifies the firm’s motto: “Good Lawyers. Changing Lives.”

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