David P. Hersh Named Class Counsel in 3M Suit

David P. Hersh Named Class Counsel in 3M Suit

By Burg Simpson
August 25, 2017
2 min read

On Aug. 24, Judge R. Brooke Jackson appointed Burg Simpson shareholder David P. Hersh to serve as class counsel in Bell et al v. 3M Company, a class action suit filed against 3M and other chemical manufacturers over contaminated groundwater in Colorado Springs.

The suit charges that these manufacturers acted with “gross negligence and careless disregard for the safety of the residents who use water from the contaminated watershed.”

The plaintiffs argue that fire foam manufactured by 3M and used by the U.S. Air Force in firefighting exercises contaminated the groundwater with C8, a manmade acid and known carcinogen. C8 is among several ingredients used in aqueous fighting foams at Peterson Air Force Base and Colorado Springs Airport. Last year, the Army Corps of Engineers discovered the chemicals could have leaked into the Fountain Creek Watershed, contaminating the groundwater that feeds water supplies in Fountain, Security, and Colorado Springs. Research has revealed that all 32 municipal wells in the Security Water and Sanitation District are contaminated with C8. One well tested more than 20 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommended safe level of exposure.

Mr. Hersh’s practice is focused on civil trial work and complex commercial litigation. David, who’s tried more than 130 civil jury trials to verdict, is also co-chairman of Burg Simpson’s commercial litigation department.

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