David P. Hersh Discusses Arbitration as a Means for Resolving Your Legal Dispute  

David P. Hersh Discusses Arbitration as a Means for Resolving Your Legal Dispute  

By Burg Simpson
March 22, 2021
2 min read

In a recent video, Dave Hersh discusses arbitrating your civil case during COVID-19.

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What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a private, confidential, and out-of-court alternative method of dispute resolution where the parties seeking a resolution to their legal matter are required by an agreement to use a third party who will decide the outcome. By agreeing to arbitrate their case, the parties agree to waive their right to a trial by jury. The arbitrator will consider both parties’ arguments, review the evidence provided, and then render a decision. Unless otherwise agreed, the arbitrator’s decision is legally binding and cannot be appealed, except in very limited circumstances.

Choosing the Best Method to Resolve Your Dispute

Choosing the best method of dispute resolution depends on the type of strategy needed to obtain the best results. There is no model or formula that will clearly identify the best forum for your legal matter, but consulting with a highly experienced business and commercial litigation lawyer will help you to understand your options and choose the best strategy for your legal matter.

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Arbitration may be the best way to resolve your legal matter, but it is important first to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this forum with your attorney. Discuss your legal matter with a Burg Simpson lawyer who has had many years of experience in arbitration, and litigation. The Colorado commercial litigation lawyers at Burg Simpson will meet with you and discuss the details of your dispute and help you to understand your rights and options. Contact Burg Simpson for a FREE CONSULTATION now by calling 866-649-8734.

About David P. Hersh

Dave is a civil trial lawyer and the practice group leader of the Business and Commercial Litigation Department of Burg Simpson. For more than 35 years, Dave has focused his practice on complex commercial matters involving contract disputes, breach of fiduciary duty, ownership disputes, construction matters, “bet your company” litigation, COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims, and professional negligence. Admitted to practice before the United States, Colorado, and Wyoming Supreme Courts, as well as numerous Federal Courts, Dave has tried civil jury trials to verdict throughout the United States. He has tried well over 145 civil jury trials to verdict and has “tried” scores of civil arbitrations and bench trials to their conclusion, with an outstanding “win” record in all venues.

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