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Colorado Division of Insurance: New Regulation & Insurance Bulletins

By Burg Simpson

Colorado Division of Insurance: New Regulation & Insurance Bulletins: On March 19, 2020, the Colorado Division of Insurance adopted Emergency Regulation 20-E-02: “Concerning Establishing a COVID-19 Related Special Enrollment Period for Enrollment in an Individual Health Benefit Plan”. Here is a link to this Regulation: Pursuant to this Regulation, for those Colorado residents that… Read more »

When Your Newborn’s Injury is the Result of Medical Malpractice

By Heidi Culbertson

The birth of a child should be a time of great joy. But when complications occur that result in a physical injury to your newborn, your joy can quickly turn to heartbreak. Many birth injuries are preventable, but when they are caused by improper or negligent medical care, you may have a medical malpractice claim…. Read more »

When You Are Faced with “Bet the Company” Litigation

By Heidi Culbertson

When You Are Faced with “Bet the Company” Litigation. There are times when individuals are faced with a situation where they have no alternative but to go to court to fight for their business or their ownership rights in a business. These kinds of cases often arise as disputes among the owners of the same… Read more »

Ski Liability Lawsuits for Ski & Snowboard Incidents

By Burg Simpson

Understanding the Waiver on your Ski Lift Ticket and How it Can Affect Your Personal Injury Case If you have ever been on the slopes of one of Colorado’s many ski resorts, you have probably seen the waiver on the back of your lift ticket, but did not read the fine print. However, if you… Read more »


By Burg Simpson

NEEDED: WITNESSES TO ASPHYXIATION DEATH At Vail Mountain Blue Sky Basin Chair 37 – Skyline Express FEBRUARY 13, 2020 The law firm of Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh & Jardine, PC, has been retained by the family of Jason Varnish concerning Jason’s death while riding Chair 37 at Vail Mountain on February 13, 2020. We are seeking… Read more »

Colorado Commissioner of Insurance Adopts Emergency Regulations Regarding COVID-19

By Heidi Culbertson

On March 17, 2020, Thomas W. Henderson, a trial lawyer and shareholder with Burg Simpson, said, “The Colorado Commissioner of Insurance promulgated and adopted Emergency Regulation 20-E-1 – CONCERNING COVERAGE AND COST SHARING REQUIREMENTS FOR COMMERCIAL INSURANCE MARKET COVERAGE OF COVID-19 CLAIMS. This Regulation states that all insurance companies shall provide coverage for COVID-19 –related… Read more »

What Are My Rights If I was Injured at Work in Colorado?

By Burg Simpson

Colorado workplace accident

People need to go to work in order to make a living that will provide for their daily expenses. No one expects an accident to happen while they are on the job, or that they will become seriously injured as a result of that accident. The good news is that when this happens, employers are… Read more »

The Importance of Hiring a Trial Lawyer

By Burg Simpson

commercial trial lawyer

If you have a complex commercial litigation issue, you need a trial lawyer. Assuming you have skilled commercial counsel who usually helps you with your business, you may ask if you really need to hire a trial lawyer. You may have concerns that taking your case to court is expensive and wonder if it is… Read more »

Important Things to Know After a Slip and Fall in Colorado

By Burg Simpson

Colorado slip and fall

Any time a person visits a friend’s house, shops in a store, or even just walks down a city sidewalk, that person has the right to do so safely. If that does not happen and a dangerous condition on that property causes a person to slip, fall, and become injured, he or she is often… Read more »

Choosing a Physician After Your Work-Related Injury

By Heidi Culbertson

Choosing a Physician After Your Work-Related Injury. If you have suffered from a work-related injury, it is important to notify your employer as soon as possible to ensure that your workers’ compensation coverage pays for your medical treatment.  After you have notified your employer that you have been hurt, your employer must provide you with… Read more »

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