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Colorado Law Protects Companies from Unfair Competition

By Burg Simpson

Colorado Law Protects from Unfair Competition – Colorado Corporate Litigation Attorney - Burg Simpson

Back in June, tech giant Amazon shocked the business world when it revealed plans to acquire natural grocer Whole Foods. For the most part, the nearly $14 billion deal elicited either cheers or tears. While most people hailed the move, hoping the Web retailer would cut prices at the high-end organic food chain, others decried… Read more »

Negotiating Contracts Is Just Another Part of Doing Business

By Burg Simpson

Negotiating Contracts A Part of Doing Business – Denver Corporate Litigation Lawyers - Burg Simpson

Contracts – voluntary, legally binding agreements between two or more parties – are critical to doing business. We encounter contracts nearly every day. They can cover major deals, such as the sale of a business or a home, or something as simple as a verbal promise to complete something. Whether they’re written or verbal, commercial… Read more »

Malpractice Doesn’t Have to Be Medical

By Burg Simpson

Malpractice and Lawyers – Colorado Corporate Litigation Attorneys- Burg Simpson

When most people hear the word “malpractice,” they think of their doctor, calling to mind horror stories of misdiagnosed or untreated health problems.  But doctors aren’t the only professionals who are required to conform to a standard of care. When professionals act negligently and you suffer as a result of their mistakes, you may be… Read more »

Anatomy of a Contract

By Burg Simpson

Contract Anatomy – Colorado Corporate Litigation Lawyers - Burg Simpson

Contracts are the lifeblood of commerce.  While an optimist might say that contracts are how people and businesses know they can rely on the agreements of others, a pessimist might counter that contracts are confusing and full of fine print and traps for the unwary.  Looking more closely at contracts, both can be right. At… Read more »

Minority Shareholders Have Rights, Too

By Burg Simpson

Minority Shareholders Have Rights – Colorado Corporate Litigation Attorneys - Burg Simpson

By definition, minority shareholders don’t have much say in how a company is run. They’re a lot like Delaware in a presidential election. But the law does afford them protections to prevent their rights from being trampled, while also granting remedies in case those rights have been violated. Minority shareholder rights are violated when the… Read more »

Appraisers’ Decision on Causation is Binding

By Burg Simpson

Appraisers’ Decision on Causation is Binding – Colorado commercial litigation lawyer - Burg Simpson

On July 19, the Iowa Court of Appeals held that the results of an insurance appraisal are binding and conclusive against the insurance company. In Walnut Creek Townhome Ass’n v. Depositors Ins. Co., 2017 Iowa App. LEXIS 722 (July 19, 2017), the court held that an appraisal award that determined the “amount of loss” to… Read more »

Consumers Win Right to Sue Banks

By Burg Simpson

Consumers Can Sue Banks – Colorado Mass Tort Lawyers – Burg Simpson

In a regulatory environment that has lately favored big business over the average American consumer, the underdog got a rare win this week. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an independent federal watchdog group, issued a rule on July 10 that will limit the ability of banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions to force… Read more »


By Burg Simpson

Breach of Contact – Colorado Corporate Litigation Attorneys- Burg Simpson

If you are in the business world, a common cause of action you may encounter is for breach of contract. A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to perform an agreed-upon duty as specified in the contract, whether it’s verbal or written.  Sometimes the question arises as to how long a party to… Read more »

Was Tesla Liable?

By Burg Simpson

Tesla Liable - Denver Product Liability Attorney – Burg Simpson

When a product harms a consumer, the victim or surviving family has the right to file a product liability or a wrongful death lawsuit. These legal actions determine if the manufacturer of the product was negligent in designing, manufacturing or testing the product’s safety prior to release. When Tesla finally allowed the self-driving car onto… Read more »

Strong Co-counsel Can Crack Complex Cases

By Burg Simpson

Co-counsel – Colorado Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers – Burg Simpson

Edmund Burke once wrote, “Laws, like houses, lean on one another.” It’s a lesson more lawyers should take to heart. For newer, or even simply independent attorneys, it can make all the difference to find a more experienced lawyer to lean on and partner as co-counsel. Collaboration and referrals with other law firms can benefit… Read more »

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