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Consumers Win Right to Sue Banks

By Burg Simpson

Consumers Can Sue Banks – Colorado Mass Tort Lawyers – Burg Simpson

In a regulatory environment that has lately favored big business over the average American consumer, the underdog got a rare win this week. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an independent federal watchdog group, issued a rule on July 10 that will limit the ability of banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions to force… Read more »


By Burg Simpson

Breach of Contact – Colorado Corporate Litigation Attorneys- Burg Simpson

If you are in the business world, a common cause of action you may encounter is for breach of contract. A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to perform an agreed-upon duty as specified in the contract, whether it’s verbal or written.  Sometimes the question arises as to how long a party to… Read more »

Strong Co-counsel Can Crack Complex Cases

By Burg Simpson

Co-counsel – Colorado Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers – Burg Simpson

Edmund Burke once wrote, “Laws, like houses, lean on one another.” It’s a lesson more lawyers should take to heart. For newer, or even simply independent attorneys, it can make all the difference to find a more experienced lawyer to lean on and partner as co-counsel. Collaboration and referrals with other law firms can benefit… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned on Planes

By Burg Simpson

Samsung Galaxy Note Banned - Colorado Product Liability Attorney – Burg Simpson

Despite extensive pre-market testing, some unsafe products reach the market where consumers suffer unexpected, and sometimes serious, injury. Late last year, the U.S. Department of Transportation banned the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, prohibiting travelers from carrying the phones on their person, in their hand luggage or in checked baggage – even if they were powered down.  Read more »

Burg Simpson’s Colorado Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys Help Win Fight to Strengthen Consumer Rights

By Burg Simpson

Neibert vs. Geico- Colorado bad faith insurance attorneys - Burg Simpson

Burg Simpson congratulates shareholders Thomas W. Henderson and Brian K. Matise and attorney Nelson Boyle for their great win. On behalf of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, these Burg Simpson attorneys submitted a pro bono “friend of the court” brief in Nibert v. Geico Casualty Co, 2017COA23. With their help, Colorado insurance consumers’ rights are… Read more »

Colorado Court of Appeals Finds Insurance Company Conduct “Unreasonable”

By Tom Henderson

Today, the Colorado Court of Appeals issued a decision in favor of a policyholder and against an insurance company that delayed payment of benefits owed. After the policyholder and insurance company disagreed on how much was owed under the policy for hail damage to the roofs at a townhome complex, they used the appraisal process… Read more »

Mike Burg Holds First Book Signing for Trial by Fire at Tattered Cover

By Burg Simpson

Last month at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver, Colorado, a crowd of over 100 were treated to an evening with Burg Simpson attorney and author, Mike Burg. Speaking about his new book, Trial By Fire: One Man’s Battle to End Corporate Greed and Save Lives, Mike discussed his childhood and his motivations that… Read more »

Electing a Justice – A Historical Perspective

By Burg Simpson

Scales of Justice

Historical and Constitutional context is helpful in assessing the firestorm of controversy that Justice Scalia’s death has caused regarding the process for filling the vacancy in an election year. The framers of the Constitution wanted an independent judiciary, not one beholden to popular opinion. In a recent article for The New York Review of Books,… Read more »

GOP Vows to Block Supreme Court Nominee

By Burg Simpson


There has been a firestorm of controversy about whether President Obama should nominate Justice Scalia’s successor, with Republicans arguing that the nomination be held in abeyance until a new President takes office in January 2017. They have vowed to block any appointment, regardless of who it is and regardless of the fact that this would… Read more »

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