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Yaz BC –Phoenix Mass Tort Lawyers - Arizona Burg SimpsonNo other law firm in the country has helped more women receive fair compensation for injuries stemming from the use of Yaz®, Yasmin®, and other Drospirenone-containing oral contraceptives. Our shareholders have led this litigation since 2009. Founding shareholder Michael S. Burg was appointed to lead the national efforts by the federal judge overseeing the Yaz® litigation. Shareholder Seth A. Katz has served as Chair of the Discovery Committee. Additionally, shareholder Janet G. Abaray has served as a Co-Chair of the Science Committee.

We have fought this fight since day one and have the combination of powerful resources and expertise to offer the best chance for victims to receive fair compensation.

If you or your loved one have suffered injuries as a result of defective drugs and/or medical devices, call the Phoenix mass tort attorneys at Burg Simpson Arizona today at 1-888-895-2080 for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Yaz® is different from other birth control pills because it contains a different type of chemical that Bayer created, called Drospirenone. Birth control pills containing this new chemical include Yasmin®, Yaz®, Ocella®, Gianvi®, Beyaz®, and Safyral®. If you used any of these products and suffered a blood clot, We can help.

To date, Burg Simpson has helped more than 1,000 women receive compensation for the injuries they have suffered as a result of taking Yaz®. We continue to represent and help hundreds of others receive compensation.

Generally, injuries involving blood clots, such as pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis, are compensable. However, your claim must be supported by medical and prescription records. Once we have your signed medical authorizations, we can usually obtain these records quickly.

Yes. The majority of women have recovered from their injuries. However, if you suffered a blood clot and received medical treatment, then for some period of time you suffered from pain, disability, and discomfort. You are also at a higher risk for future clots and high-risk pregnancies. Your injuries should not be minimized.

No. We offer a free evaluation of every case. We take care of all the preliminary expenses that are involved with attaining medical records, expert reviews, and paying court filing fees. We do not accept any compensation for our work on your case unless – and until – the pharmaceutical company pays your claim.

Don’t wait to find out if you qualify. Most Yaz victims have already filed their claims. Any delay could potentially jeopardize your chance at earning proper compensation for your injuries.

Women have received differing compensation amounts. Ultimately, the value of your case depends on the particular facts of your case, including factors such as your injuries, your current medical condition, and the legal issues involved. If you have a claim, it is well worth your time to assert your rights.

In most cases, we can advise you if you have a valid claim within 45 days from the day we receive all of your paperwork. We have worked dozens of these cases and are intimately experienced in this claim process.

While it is impossible to accurately predict how long any type of litigation will take, for women asserting VTE (Venous Thromboembolic Event) claims as a result of the use of Yaz/Yasmin, the typical case is taking anywhere from eight to 10 months to complete the entire process. The process can take less or more time depending on the circumstance, but we have streamlined the process and made it as efficient as possible.

Get Legal Assistance from a Trial Attorney

Whether you still suffer from symptoms or not, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you believe you have a valid claim in this mass tort litigation. Call the Phoenix mass tort attorneys at Burg Simpson at 602-777-7000 or fill out our FREE Case Evaluation Form now.

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