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Burg Simpson's Colorado personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping injured individuals and their loved ones rebuild and thrive after a serious accident or injury. We have handled almost every type of injury or death case, and have the resources, reputation, and a proven track record of success to assist you.

After a devastating accident causing major injury, we can help you through your case. You can trust Burg Simpson to assist you through the details of your incident. Fill out a FREE Case Evaluation form here before it’s too late to discuss your situation with a Colorado personal injury attorney, we’re here to help!

New FDA Chief Expected to Take Action on Generic Drugs

 May 11, 2017

New FDA Chief Expected to Take Action on Generic Drugs

New U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb will almost certainly halt a long-awaited rule letting generic drug makers update warning labels, which would reopen the door for consumers to sue for a failure to warn them adequately. Michael S. Burg, a veteran Denver mass tort attorney and co-founder at Burg Simpson Eldredge Hersh… Read more »

Burg Simpson 2016 Verdict Ranks as One of Colorado’s Largest

 May 5, 2017

Burg Simpson 2016 Verdict Ranks as One of Colorado’s Largest

Law Week Colorado released its annual list of top verdicts for 2016 this week and a Burg Simpson case made the top 10. The $3.25 million personal injury verdict in Angela Rodgers and Jeff Nuttall v. The Hertz Corp. ranked as the eighth-largest jury verdict and third-largest personal injury in the state last year. After… Read more »

Burg Simpson Wins Latest Battle in Avalanche Case

 April 25, 2017

Burg Simpson Wins Latest Battle in Avalanche Case

In 2012, 13-year-old Taft Conlin and four of his friends made their way through the open lower gate of Prima Cornice in Vail, a ridgetop that sits above a skiable area. After several runs in this area, an avalanche swept over Conlin and two of his friends, killing him and injuring another. His family subsequently… Read more »

Michael S. Burg Defends Gorsuch

 April 7, 2017

Michael S. Burg Defends Gorsuch

As the Senate wrestles with a Democratic filibuster of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, Burg Simpson founding shareholder Michael S. Burg dialed into BBC Radio’s “Up All Night” this this week to defend the federal appellate judge. Read more »

Small Accidents – Denver Injury Attorney – Burg Simpson

 May 22, 2017

Worse than I Thought! Small Accidents with Big Injury

Some car accidents are more “impactful” than others. High-speed collisions with lots of broken glass, sirens, and rubberneckers are certainly easy to identify. However, not every accident is so dramatic. Smaller accidents, especially those that don’t seem obviously harmful, can also result in moderate to serious injury. In some cases, those involved in purportedly “minor”… Read more »

Autonomous Vehicles – Colorado Personal Injury Attorney– Burg Simpson

 May 19, 2017

The Many Questions Raised by the Increase in Autonomous Vehicles

Amid the news that a self-driving semi completed the first shipment by an autonomous vehicle when it traveled from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs in late October to deliver a shipment of beer, many thought this was the beginning of a bright future. But the future might not be as rosy as the autonomous vehicle… Read more »

Dog Bit Injury – Injury Lawyers Denver – Burg Simpson

 May 17, 2017

How to Treat a Dog Bite

American families love dogs. Most dogs make excellent pets and never act aggressively or bite people. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 900,000 people seek emergency medical treatment for dog bites every year. The majority of those bitten and seeking medical attention for dog bites are children aged four to… Read more »

ADHD Accidents – Injury Lawyer Denver – Burg Simpson

 May 15, 2017

Blame that Accident on ADHD

Studies show that children, teens and adults with ADHD are twice as likely to have an accident of some kind as the general population. This statistic refers to any incident that causes injury requiring medical attention, including car accidents, falls, slip and falls, sporting injuries, etc. ADHD is a neurological disorder caused by impairment in… Read more »

Ring of Fire: Even Republicans Are Disgusted by The Republican Party

 May 3, 2016

Ring of Fire: Even Republicans Are Disgusted by The Republican Party

A Ring of Fire first! Host Farron Cousins talks to former Senator Alan Simpson in a unique opportunity on Ring of Fire to speak with a Republican about the current state of the Republican Party.

CBS 4: Michael Burg Inducted to Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

 April 28, 2016

CBS 4: Michael Burg Inducted to Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

CBS 4 in Denver highlights Burg Simpson attorney Michael S. Burg’s induction into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

Radio 850KOA: Michael Burg Inducted to Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

 April 28, 2016

Radio 850KOA: Michael Burg Inducted to Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

Denver’s Radio 850KOA ran a news story about Michael Burg’s induction into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame.

Burg Simpson Legal Minute: Civil Justice System

 April 21, 2016

Burg Simpson Legal Minute: Civil Justice System

Burg Simpson shareholder Calvin Tregre Jr. examines changes to the civil justice system, where limitations have been placed on monetary awards to seriously injured victims of corporate negligence. Are you protected?

Trial Talk magazine

 November 18, 2015

Trial Talk: Cross Appeal? Now What?

Burg Simpson Attorney and Shareholder Diane Vaksdal Smith’s article, published in CTLA’s Trial Talk, April/May 2015, addresses specifics of appellate practice and procedure. Download full article PDF

Net Neutrality

 November 18, 2015

Net Neutrality: A Panel Discussion

Rick D. Bailey contributes his opinion on Net Neutrality in this panel article published in Best Lawyers® Business Edition, Summer, 2015. Download full article PDF

The Trial Lawyer Magazine

 November 18, 2015

Homebuilders v. Homeowners

Threats to Shift an Already Tilted Playing Field More in Favor of Homebuilders Burg Simpson attorneys Jennifer A. Seidman and Ronald M. Sandgrund examine what could happen if lawmakers allow builders to take advantage of and mischaracterize the causes of the Great Recession’s lingering effects, and the facts regarding the real causes of the decline… Read more »

Rick Bailey - Hearing and Mishearing

 November 18, 2015

Hearing and Mishearing: Psychoanalytic Observations on the Attorney-Client Relationship

Trial lawyer Rick D. Bailey co-authored this white paper with David Stevens, a practicing psychoanalyst/clinical psychologist and associate professor at the university of Colorado Health Sciences Center. They address the attorney-client relationship throught the lens of psychoanalysis and cognitive neuroscience. Download full article PDF

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