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Don’t Fight For Workers’ Compensation Alone

By Burg Simpson

Fight for Work Comp – Denver Work Comp Lawyers – Burg Simpson

Many don’t realize workers’ compensation is the oldest part of the country’s social safety net. The federal government introduced the first social insurance program in 1908 to help injured employees in “hazardous” jobs with financial and medical support. The program grew to include all federal employees by 1916 and over the course of the next… Read more »

Police Shortages Threaten Big Cities, Small Towns

By Burg Simpson

Police Shortage – Denver Workers Compensation Lawyer - Burg Simpson

It’s never been harder to find a hero. Police departments across the country are struggling to fill their ranks, and it’s overworking officers, worrying residents, and frustrating city and state officials. Big cities don’t have nearly enough police officers walking the beat. Baltimore, for example, is down more than 100 officers since last year. That’s despite finishing 2016 with the second-highest murder total in the city’s history… Read more »

It’s Time We Answered the Call for First Responders

By Burg Simpson

PTSD – Denver Workers Compensation Attorney - Burg Simpson

We ask a lot of first responders. When we dial 911 after a loud crash wakes us from a sound sleep, we want the police to be there in seconds, ready to keep the bad guys at bay. When smoke chokes back our words as wildfires threaten our homes, we expect firefighters to battle heat and fatigue while they keep our families safe. Yet, when they’ve needed us, the law has let them down. Thankfully, this year we have another chance to make things right… Read more »

Are Workers Adequately Compensated for Job Related Hearing Loss?

By John Connell

Occupational hearing loss ranks as one of the most pervasive “work-related illnesses” in the nation, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With over 20 million U.S. workers exposed to hazardous noise levels at work, job related hearing loss affects a significant portion of the… Read more »

Were Nuclear Plant Employees Cheated Out of Workers Compensation Benefits?

By John Connell

From popular dramatizations of the Manhattan Project to countless books published on the topic, the U.S. nuclear program has been almost uniformly portrayed as a heroic enterprise that has helped America remain a world power. The sad reality is that over 100,000 workers were sickened constructing the nation’s nuclear arsenal, with some victims continuing to… Read more »

Undocumented Workplace Injuries Can Create Major Problems for Hurt Workers

By John Connell

A 40-year-old trucker is learning the hard way that if worker’s compensation insurance companies ignore the rules, injured workers often pay the price. This trucker sustained injuries to his back lifting and carrying heavy boxes at work, which created such terrible pain that the man had no choice but to undergo surgery. While the man’s… Read more »

Will Movement-Monitoring Tech Reduce Injuries, or Workers’ Comp Benefits?

By Burg Simpson

Imagine a world in which workers’ movements are monitored by specially designed vests capable of providing information about the events leading up to workplace accidents. While this may sound like a Big Brother-esque fantasy, it’s actually a technology that is currently being pioneered by a company called Human Condition Safety. The vests will apparently rely… Read more »

New Report: Back Pain a Leading Source of Workers’ Comp Claims

By John Connell

According to a recent article in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, low back pain (LBP) represents a persistent public health concern. To give some perspective on the scope of the problem, the article notes that direct costs associated with work-related low back pain injuries and other overexertion events reach $14 billion annually. Indeed,… Read more »

Report Exposes Employer’s Campaign to Undermine Workers’ Comp

By John Connell

Despite countless safety campaigns, unionization, and improved legal protections, the meatpacking industry remains a dangerous place for American workers. With heavy machinery designed to dismantle and package meat as quickly as possible, employees of major meatpacking companies can lose hands or legs as they operate “fat suckers,” “neck breakers,” and other common factory machines. Not… Read more »

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