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If You Have Been Injured in a Collision with a Semi-Truck

By Burg Simpson
November 23, 2021
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According to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 500,000 large truck collisions occur every year. In 2019, more than 5,000 people were killed in crashes involving large commercial trucks, and over 100,000 individuals were severely injured

If You Have Been Injured in a Crash That was Not Your Fault

If you have been seriously injured in a collision with a semi-truck, it is crucial to seek skilled legal representation as soon as possible. The award-winning personal injury lawyers at Burg Simpson have over four decades of experience handling claims involving large commercial vehicles, and we are here to help you. Your attorney will investigate the incident and determine who was driving the truck, who owns the truck, and whether the driver was an independent contractor or an employee. Your lawyer will also work to determine if there was a violation of federal trucking regulations. Depending on the specific facts associated with your case, multiple parties could be liable for your injuries.

Why Semi-Truck Crashes Occur

According to studies compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, tired drivers are one of the primary causes of semi-truck collisions. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has addressed this problem by requiring drivers to take a 30-minute break when they have driven for eight cumulative hours. Even though federal regulations require drivers to take breaks, many companies and their drivers ignore safety regulations and risk their lives and the lives of others to stay on schedule.

Driver Fatigue

Drivers who are experiencing fatigue have a slower reaction time, difficulty focusing, and impaired judgment. In addition, when driver fatigue is combined with poor weather conditions, congested roadways, or drug or alcohol consumption, the risk of a crash increases substantially.

Improper Maintenance

Federal regulations require semi-trucks to be kept in good operating condition. Improperly maintained vehicle parts and components can lead to serious accidents.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving continues to be a serious concern for everyone traveling on our roads and highways. Distracted drivers are those who operate their vehicles while their concentration is elsewhere. Talking on a cell phone is the most common cause of distracted driving, but distracted driving can also include eating, drinking, changing stations on the radio, inputting information to the GPS system, or even interacting with others in your vehicle.  Truck drivers are particularly susceptible to distracted driving given their long hours on the road.

Driver Inexperience

Inexperienced drivers, or those who have not had adequate training, are another common reason for semi-truck collisions. Trucking companies sometimes hire inexperienced drivers because they charge less per mile than those with more experience.

Improper Loading

Improper loading of cargo on the truck can lead to an uneven distribution of weight. Mistakes made when loading a semi-truck can lead to jack-knifing or making the truck difficult to maneuver.

How a Truck Accident Lawyer at Burg Simpson Can Help You

Proving liability for a semi-truck crash can be complicated because defendants can include the truck driver, the company that owns the truck, and the truck manufacturer. The experienced personal injury trial attorneys at Burg Simpson will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case to determine who is responsible for your injuries.

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