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Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

By SocialSEO
July 8, 2019
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When you or a family member has been injured, finding the right lawyer to help can seem overwhelming among a long list of things you must do. Fortunately, there are six main things to look for as you seek the best personal injury attorney for your circumstances.

  1. Experience. How long has the lawyer you plan to work with been in practice? A longer background in personal injury cases like yours help a lawyer to know both the court and legal processes that will come up and the likely compensation possible for you.
  2. Past results. Look at the types of settlements your lawyer has been able to win for clients like you. Any lawyer you consider should be able to provide overviews of cases won with details on compensation for the clients.
  3. Specialty. Some attorneys are generalists, ready to help with any kind of personal injury case you have. In many cases, a specialist who is well-versed on your specific type of case — such as motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, or trip and fall accidents — can provide the most knowledge and reach the best possible settlement.
  4. Going to trial. Many personal injury lawyers are skilled in reaching settlements without going to court, but you should select an attorney who has experience going to trial and won’t shy away from doing so should your case require it.
  5. Reviews. What do past clients say? Online reviews can give you some clues, but they can also be unreliable. Ask family and friends about experiences with specific attorneys you are considering. Also, ask the lawyers for testimonials from past clients.
  6. Certifications. While certifications and awards don’t guarantee performance, they are another indicator that your attorney is well-trained and has experience in personal injury cases. Many of these certifications are difficult to achieve, so they show that your lawyer has a high level of ability in the field.

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