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Consumers Must Beware of Body Brokers

By Burg Simpson
November 2, 2018
1 min read

Body brokers are relatively unchecked and under-regulated by state and federal agencies.  Across the United States, mortuaries and hospices are committing fraud by allowing body brokers to convince families who have lost their loved ones to donate the body “for medical research.” But instead of being donated, the body ends up being dismembered and then each body part is sold.

Burg Simpson has represented victims of body brokers in Arizona and Colorado who have been affected by fraudulent body brokerage businesses. These organizations have lied about where the body has been sent, they have told families that the body was cremated when it was not, and, and they provided families with concrete dust instead of their loved one’s “ashes.”  Burg Simpson is fighting for the families who have suffered due to the fraudulent activities of body brokers.

To learn more about the body broker industry, watch an interview with Michael Burg on 9 News , or read more about body broker legislation here.

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