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Colorado Fires and Insurance Problems

By Burg Simpson
July 5, 2018
2 min read

Many fellow Coloradans are petrified by the fires that are raging across our beautiful state. Unfortunately, many of the victims whose homes and businesses will burn or suggest significant smoke damage will soon learn another battle looms on the horizon – a battle with their own insurance company.  A battle to get the full amount of the insurance they have paid premiums for over many years.  Statistics show, including from the fires in Colorado in 2011 and 2012, that most people do not have enough insurance to pay 100% of the cost to rebuild, many will fight with their insurance companies for years to get full payment of all the benefits owed under the policy, and many will get low-balled by their insurance companies as far as paying what is owed. Do not wait! Seek help ASAP by contacting the Colorado Division of Insurance at, or visit the website of an excellent non-profit,, to get assistance.

Click here to read a “Consumer Alert” the Colorado Division of Insurance issued July 3, 2018. I have helped many fire victims over the years in their fights with their insurance companies.  Call me with any questions you may have.  It is important to always stick up for yourself to keep your insurance company honest and try to stop your insurance company from acting in bad faith.

You can contact Shareholder Thomas W. Henderson by calling our office at 303-792-5595. Best of luck and PLEASE stay safe!

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