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Drugged Drivers Outnumber Drunk Drivers

By Burg Simpson
May 3, 2017
2 min read

The nation reached a dubious milestone in 2015. For the first time, drivers killed in auto accidents were more likely to be drugged than drunk.

More than 40 percent of tested drivers in fatal accidents pinged positive for drugs. By contrast, only 37 percent tested above the legal limit for alcohol. The drugged drivers have a clear preference, too, with more than 35 percent of them testing positive for marijuana. It is a trend that is expected to grow with the proliferation of marijuana legalization at the state level. Amphetamines came in a distant second, with just under 10 percent of drivers testing positive.

For the last several years, based in part on lower limits and increased enforcement, drunk driving has been on the decline while opioid use – both legal and illegal – has skyrocketed. However, the authors of the study insist they paint an incomplete picture, pointing out that less than 60 percent of drivers killed in wrecks were actually tested for drugs.

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