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Vision Screening Test Could Keep Roads Safer

By Burg Simpson
April 19, 2017
3 min read

Driving is the preferred mode of transportation for most Americans over 65. Safe driving relies on the quick and accurate assessment of visual cues. But the ability to process these cues can deteriorate with age, which can make driving dangerous for both the driver as well as everyone else on the road. In a long-term study conducted among drivers over 65 in both the United States and the European Union, researchers examined the relationship between routine visual screening for drivers and the detection of visual deterioration and disease.

To maintain a driver’s license, all drivers must be tested in both visual acuity and field of vision. While these tests measure differing abilities, they are both essential for the combination of forward and peripheral vision required for safe driving. The study suggests regular screening of drivers over 65 can help to detect the early onset of glaucoma and other conditions that might be affecting a driver’s ability to see well.

When officials determine an elderly driver does not have the visual ability to maintain their license, a driver is required to surrender it. Loss of a driver’s license can cause:

  • Inability to obtain routine medical care.
  • Isolation from friends and relatives.
  • Imitation on social activities and interaction.
  • Reduced access to fresh produce and daily goods.

Losing a driver’s license can lead to moderate-to-severe depressive symptoms in older drivers. Depression can lead to an overall deterioration in physical health, as well. In addition, the study found that forfeiture of driver’s license was also linked to the onset of disability insurance benefits, indicating the correlation with overall deterioration in health and fitness. Conversely, the screening and assessment of visual ability in senior drivers could be one of the keys to detecting eye disease in its early stages, increasing the effectiveness of treatment.

While seniors might be reluctant to give up their independence, regular vision screenings can keep more people alive. Keeping unsafe drivers off the road—including those who have vision problems—can reduce life-changing and catastrophic traffic accidents.

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