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The Heat is On as CDOT Cracks Down on Drunk Driving

By Burg Simpson
March 29, 2017
3 min read

Each year more than 150 people are killed in drunk driving accidents in Colorado. CDOT has launched an aggressive campaign to reduce this number and keep the roads safe. The Heat is On is part of a larger effort by the department to prevent accident-related injuries and deaths that are preventable.

The campaign focuses on two goals simultaneously: Increasing arrests for DUI and raising awareness of the dangers of drugging, drinking and driving. The campaign’s target demographic—males ages 21-35—does not consider it dangerous to drive after “just a few” drinks. In response to this data, CDOT developed a program called, “A Few Can Still be Dangerous.” In order to reach and influence the target demographic, CDOT is making use of social media and its popular formats to reach the younger crowd.

In a recent experiment, CDOT staged a brewery tour around Colorado, allowing participants to believe that they were being driven to a number of breweries, while their drivers drank one or two beers at every stop. In fact, the drivers were drinking non-alcoholic beer, and the entire voyage was captured on video. None of the participants raised the subject that the drivers should not have been drinking. The video challenges the widely held belief that driving is not impaired by one or two drinks, although both drivers would have been over the legal blood alcohol limit after two beers.

CDOT’s campaign includes dissemination of information and statistics regarding traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities for drivers impaired by:

  • Any amount of alcohol
  • Legal use of marijuana
  • Prescription medication

CDOT is also promoting the use of two gadgets to increase awareness and safety. A free app called “R-U-Buzzed”—available on both Google Play and the Apple Store—measures blood alcohol levels with a cell phone. In addition, a companion app called “Need a Ride” will hail the user a taxi, Uber or another available car service to take the user home.

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