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Important Notice: KB Homes Structural Defect Found

By Burg Simpson
April 11, 2016
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Important Information Regarding Townhomes Built by KB Homes After January 1, 2008

KB Homes Shaft Wall Defect

Lack of Code Required Lateral Force Support System

Licensed structural engineers have identified a defect in the structural framing in many townhomes built by KB Homes. Beginning in 2008, KB Homes changed the manner in which it was building walls between townhomes. In 2008, the housing developer began installing a proprietary “shaft wall system” between units, instead of two One Hour Separation Walls. The Colorado Building Codes require that the walls between townhomes be designed and built to withstand certain lateral forces on the building from wind or earthquake. Licensed Colorado structural engineers (including one hired by KB) have testified that the new shaft wall system used by KB does not provide the code required lateral support at the connection between the second story wall, attic truss and roof.

Burg Simpson’s Construction Defects group is representing Colorado homeowners in actions against KB Homes for this (and other) structural defects. Currently Burg Simpson is investigating whether or not this structural framing defect occurs in other KB built townhomes in Colorado.

If you believe that your home was built by KB Homes after January 1, 2008, we would like to speak with you and send an engineer to your home to inspect your attic trusses at the walls between the townhomes. There is no charge for this inspection and no obligation to our firm. At your request, we will provide a memo from the inspecting engineer with the results of the inspection.

Please feel free to contact us directly or use the Free Case Evaluation button and we will arrange to send a licensed engineer to your home to inspect for the trusses in question.

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