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After Malpractice Suits and Discipline, Spinal Docs Back in the News

By Burg Simpson
June 17, 2015
2 min read

While everyone wants to feel that they can trust their doctor, the anxiety and fear many patients experience prior to entering the hospital for surgery is often exacerbated by horror stories in the media. Too often, news of doctors who failed to live up to professional standards is accompanied by reports of serious injuries and medical malpractice for patients who rely upon their doctor’s expertise for treatment.

Injuring patients instead of helping them

One example of flagrant and inexcusable medical malpractice, two doctors, one of whom apparently lied about his credentials, endangered scores of patients through dangerous spinal surgery. Two doctors introduced an experimental procedure that involved injecting a cement-type substance into injured patients’ fractured spines. Instead of helping these patients, the glue found its way to other parts of the spine or broke off after hardening. Both doctors have been named in multiple lawsuits.

Back in business?

Recently, news reports have emerged that one of the doctors is attempting to continue to practice medicine despite a formal reprimand from that state’s medical board in 2012. Similar to patients in other malpractice suits, these doctors’ victims were left with debilitating pain, atrophied body parts, and severely diminished quality of life, according to lawsuit documents.

What can you do?

Most physicians carefully and ethically practice the art and science of medicine. When choosing a physician with whom you want to establish a trusting relationship related to your medical care, it is prudent to research your state’s medical board for information that may be available regarding the “few bad apples” who inevitably slip through the cracks.

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