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Why Can’t I Pick My Doctor To Treat My Worker’s Comp Injury?

By Burg Simpson
April 7, 2015
2 min read

Many people wonder why they are not allowed to see a doctor of their choice when treated for their worker’s comp injury. I can tell you that the attorneys that do this type of work wonder the same thing, however, we know that the employer (and really the insurance company) gets to tell you what doctors to see. In Colorado, the employer is required to give you a choice between doctors at or near the time that you are hurt. If they do not provide you with options to pick from, then the right to select a doctor can pass to the injured party (you). Of course, this is the last thing that the insurance company wants, so if they have failed to give you this choice you need to speak to an attorney right away to discuss how best to take advantage of this opportunity.

The employer cannot just tell you to go to Concentra or Health One without giving you a choice. While it may turn out that the doctors at each clinic do not represent much of a choice, it is still your right to make this decision. If the injury is one that requires a hospital stay, then they must make the referral to a standard doctor as soon as the emergency portion of the treatment has ended. If you don’t like your doctor or you feel like they aren’t being fair, it is possible to request a new doctor or even to request your own, however doing that on your own will be very tough. If you are dissatisfied with your doctor, you must notify the insurance company within 90 days. If this period has passed, you may be stuck with your current doc.

Additionally, if you have been hurt at work, give me a call. most worker’s compensation attorneys (myself included) will evaluate your case for free or talk with you to make sure we are a fit, all it takes is a call. Always ask your prospective lawyers how long they have worked in that area of the law; I have over 30 years of experience in this field. If you have been hurt and want someone to fight for you, call me at 303-792-5595 or submit a request using the button on the right side of the page to have someone from our office contact you.

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