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The Insurance Company Said I Violated a “Safety Rule” – Work Comp Q&A

By Burg Simpson
October 12, 2013
2 min read

Hi, my name’s John Connell, and I’m one of the attorneys here at Burg Simpson who handles workers compensation. Today, I want to talk about safety rule violation. Safety rule violation is something that is taken by the insurance company. They can do this without any proof at all, and it reduces the overall benefit by fifty percent. In order to get this taken away you have to go to a hearing and you have to prove to a judge that the safety rule was not in place. This is an important benefit that the insurance company has to prove and they frequently will take it without any proof it all. So if you’ve had a safety rule violation that’s been taken from your workers’ compensation benefits you should call us.

Again my name is John Connell. You can reach me at 303-792-5595. I’m an attorney with Burg Simpson.

See the video at YouTube: The Insurance Company Said I Violated a “Safety Rule” – Work Comp Q&A


The law firm of Burg Simpson knows how confusing and overwhelming the Workers’ Compensation process can be. There are complicated procedures to follow and strict time limits that must be met. If you have questions or are unsure about your whether you have a case, I am here for you. Call me at 303-792-5595.

— John M. Connell, Colorado Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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