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If You Get A “Notice of Contest,” Talk to a Lawyer

By Burg Simpson
September 24, 2013
2 min read

So, you’ve gotten hurt, you’ve gone to the clinic, you’ve gotten a few official pieces of paper from the insurance company, you’re off work for more than three days, and you’re not getting any money yet and what does that mean? Well, it means that they have not yet decided they are admitting liability.

If you get that notice of contest, that could be the time that you want to talk to a lawyer. They have said that they are contesting your claim. They may be doing it because they want to get some more information, they may feel like they want to find out if you’ve ever hurt that part of your body previously, so they’re going to send releases to every doctor you’ve seen for the last five years to find out if you’ve hurt your back or your arm or whatever body part you’ve hurt in this accident. They want to make sure that they know that this accident happened, on the day it happened, the way it happened, and that you don’t have some ongoing problem with that part of your body that is now cropped up again.

See the video at YouTube: If You Get a “Notice of Contest,” Talk to a Lawyer


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— John M. Connell, Colorado Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

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