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A Woman is Suing Man’s Estate for Personal Injury

By Burg Simpson
March 12, 2013
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A court date was recently scheduled for a personal injury lawsuit regarding a severe incident that left a California family hanging on for their lives. According to the Santa Maria Times, Kelli Groves and her family sued a trucking company whose driver struck their vehicle and pushed their car off a bridge on Highway 101. One year later, the family decided to file a personal injury lawsuit on January 10.

Thirty-six-year-old Groves was driving the vehicle and  her 10-year-old daughter and 11-week-old daughter were also in the car. All three had to be extricated from the smashed car.

According to the source, the car teetered on the edge of the bridge, on the verge of plunging into a creekbed far below in the Three Bridges area south of Santa Rosa Road until the family was rescued. After the truck driver, 48-year-old Charles Allison Jr., struck Groves’ car, his truck plunged about 100 feet into the creek, bursting into flames and he died, the source reported.

The suit was filed in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court, and the family is expecting to attend a case management conference on May 16 to determine the next step.

The aftermath of the accident

After Groves and her daughters were rescued, the accident garnered statewide and national attention. Luckily for the family, a group of Navy Seabees who were stuck in southbound traffic near the accident site were able to help rescue them from falling off the edge of the highway. The Seabees were able to use a large forklift they were transporting to help prevent Groves’ car from sliding off the bridge while the three occupants were saved.

Groves and her 10-year-old daughter both suffered serious injuries including pelvic fractures. The two of them were airlifted to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and released a week later, according to the Santa Maria Times. Her infant daughter suffered from leg fractures, and was taken from the crash by ambulance to the hospital and was released at the same time as her mother.

Groves decided to sue the trucking company as well as Allison’s estate for personal injuries and emotional distress, and seeks compensation for medical expenses, court costs and emotional damages.

While not all personal injury lawsuits make it to court, people should file a suit if they feel as though their injury is due to someone else’s negligence.

“After a car accident in which you or a loved one have been injured, it is important to seek legal help,” reported. “An auto accident lawyer can help you with auto accident claims dealing with car crashes, fatal accidents, road rage, personal injury and insurance complaints. You may be able to make an auto accident claim and qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible auto accident lawsuit.” reported that one of most common personal injury lawsuits filed are vehicular crashes.

“Automobile accidents injure millions and kill thousands of Americans each year, and are also the leading cause of brain and spinal cord injury in the United States,” the source reported. “Car, truck, bus, and motorcycle accident lawyers can support a victim throughout the judicial process and can help determine if the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver or due to car part defects.  Automobile accident claims against an insurance company can exacerbate your injury. Familiarizing yourself with the auto accident claim process and reviewing your auto policy can help as you begin to file your auto accident claim.”

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