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Before a House Fire: Make a Video Inventory of Your House This Weekend

By Burg Simpson
December 25, 2012
1 min read

Let me give you all some very helpful hints about steps that I strongly recommend that you take before disaster hits to help in case there is ever a house fire. And if you haven’t done it yet, please do it this weekend. Do it now.

And that is: take a video, or at least pictures, of the outside of your entire house—a full, 360 degree walk-around of the house. Also, take pictures of the roof and the grounds around your house.

Then do the exact same thing on the inside of your house. Go into every single room, open up the closets, open up the drawers, open up your cabinets—because this will become a tremendous resource for you in the off chance that disaster strikes. You will come to rely on [it] as a wonderful asset to help you give the insurance company what the insurance company will ask you for after disaster hits.

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