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Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng: A Sexual Predator

August 15, 2023 | 4 min read

Strength in Numbers—Holding Queens Doctor, Dating Apps Accountable for Sexual Assault

Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng was first arrested in December 2022 and charged with the drugging and rape of a woman at his home in Queens, New York. Now, Dr. Cheng is facing an additional 50 counts for the sexual abuse of six other women.

Prosecutors say there is video evidence that shows additional, as-yet-unidentified women being abused and assaulted. These incidents do not appear to be limited to New York.

Burg Simpson is currently investigating the Zhi Alan Cheng case and representing the survivors of these heinous crimes. Our firm has extensive experience with the complex and sensitive nature of sexual abuse and assault litigation.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault by Dr. Cheng or have information that could help us pursue justice, please call 888-895-2080 today. Your initial consultation is free, and any information you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.

Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng: A History of Sexual Assault

Zhi Alan Cheng formerly worked as a gastroenterologist (a doctor specializing in the digestive system) at New York-Presbyterian Queens. He was fired by the hospital after his arrest last year. Cheng’s medical license has also been suspended. He is currently being held without bail pending trial.

“The recovered evidence compiled paints the picture of a sexual predator of the absolute worst kind, a serial rapist, someone willing to not only violate his sacred professional oath and patients’ trust, but every standard of human decency, as well. We will present the facts to a jury and achieve justice for the victims of the horrific assaults captured on video.”

Melinda Katz, Queens District Attorney

The first victim in the Zhi Alan Cheng case (“Apartment Victim 1”) informed the Queens District Attorney’s Office that she discovered video of her assault and the assaults of other women at Dr. Cheng’s home. A search of the house uncovered digital storage devices containing video of numerous assaults, as well as narcotics and drugs used in medical settings to sedate patients.

Each of the women in these videos is described by the Queens District Attorney’s Office as “apparently unconscious.” Three videos show female patients at New York-Presbyterian Queens with their breasts and genitals exposed being touched and groped. Another three videos were filmed at Dr. Cheng’s apartment and show him engaging in sexual intercourse and other abuse while the women were unconscious.

Video evidence obtained by prosecutors captured additional assaults that took place outside of Cheng’s apartment and New York-Presbyterian Queens. Some locations appear to be in other areas of New York state (including Manhattan and Westchester County). Other filmed assaults occurred elsewhere in the country (including the San Francisco Bay Area, where Dr. Cheng completed his medical residency, as well as Las Vegas) and even internationally (Thailand).

Bottom line: Dr. Cheng’s crimes are far-reaching. If you were victimized by this serial predator, our firm has the national strength and knowledge of various states’ local laws to help you exercise your legal rights.

How Burg Simpson Can Help

In addition to holding Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng accountable for the devastating harm he has caused, our attorneys are examining the role dating app negligence may have played. The evidence shows that Dr. Cheng met at least two of the women he is accused of raping via online dating sites.

Burg Simpson is currently representing women who are the victims of Colorado doctor Stephen Matthews, who drugged and raped potentially dozens of women he met through dating apps. The tech companies behind these apps often fail to remove the profiles of users who are reported for sexual misconduct. As a result, perpetrators are free to continue using the dating app to find victims.

There Is Strength in Numbers. In addition to holding individual sexual predators accountable, pursuing legal action may help change the way dating apps do business. This may result in better verification of users, greater responsiveness to reported abuse, and fewer instances of sexual assault and rape.

Attorneys at Burg Simpson recognize the challenges survivors face. Sexual assault has profound physical, emotional, and psychological ramifications. We handle these cases with the utmost sensitivity and care while aggressively seeking fair compensation for the injuries and damages our clients have suffered.

Contact an Experienced and Compassionate Lawyer Today

The available evidence suggests that Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng has many additional victims. In addition to the criminal charges (which could result in sentences of 25 years to life in prison), Dr. Cheng may face multiple civil actions from the women he assaulted, abused, and raped. Civil liability may also be imposed on additional defendants, such as any dating apps he used to meet the women he later victimized.

Burg Simpson has a long history of securing fair compensation and justice for clients in complex legal matters. We have extensive experience holding individuals, corporations, and institutions accountable for sexual abuse and assault. As Good Lawyers. Changing Lives.®, we explore innovative legal strategies so we can fight for our clients’ rights with the utmost effectiveness. 

Time is of the essence if you are a victim of sexual assault. Contact Burg Simpson today for a FREE and confidential case review. Our lawyers serve clients nationwide.

* Dr. Zhi Alan Cheng is presumed innocent until proven guilty. This information and content is based on victims’ independent accounts they have reported to law enforcement.