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Trace T.

January 19, 2023 | 2 min read

I cannot say enough about the wonderful people at this firm. My particular case was complicated with many different issues that I simply was not able to deal with myself. Nick Fogel and Stephen Burg fought tirelessly for me with the insurance companies and doctors, and insured I received nothing but the best care. And whilst nothing can undo the damage from my accident, my case was settled in a way that gives me peace of mind for a very long time, and allows me to move forward with my life.When you are a client of this firm you are treated like family. They genuinely care about you as an individual and do their very best for you. After seeing these gentlemen in action I am supremely glad they were on my side!I would recommend this firm to anyone who may find themselves in need of excellent legal services. They’re the best of the best.Thank you Nick and Stephen I am forever grateful….

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