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Las Vegas Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Insurance Dispute Lawyers Serving Las Vegas and all of Nevada

The Las Vegas insurance dispute lawyers at Burg Simpson know that dealing with insurance companies can be daunting at best. Unfortunately, when you need a procedure, sustain a serious injury, or experience significant loss, dealing with these companies is often unavoidable.

Insurance companies don’t always play fair. In some cases, the tricks and tactics they employ to delay or deny claims are downright cruel. When you’re already dealing with a catastrophic injury or severe property damage, an insurance dispute will only add to your burdens. 

Let Burg Simpson lighten your load.

The insurance dispute attorneys at our Las Vegas office have the resources and tenacity to help people dealing with insurance bad faith, unnecessary delays, and unfair denials get the justice they deserve. Our firm has been battling with insurance companies and their armies of lawyers for decades. We have an outstanding reputation and a proven track record of success when it comes to addressing disputes. 

For a FREE review of your insurance dispute, call the Las Vegas office of Burg Simpson at 702-668-2070 today. We are proud to represent individuals and families dealing with bad faith insurance claims throughout Nevada.

What Types of Insurance Claims Might Result in a Dispute?

Any type of insurance claim can be disputed, though high-volume issues, such as motor vehicle claims, see a proportionately larger number of delays and denials. Our Las Vegas insurance dispute lawyers have successfully litigated cases involving: 

  • Auto, Collision, and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance. These policies cover car accidents, vehicle damage, and incidents involving uninsured or underinsured drivers. They also cover motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and those involving RVs, buses, and other large vehicles.
  • Medical Payments Coverage (Med-Pay). Med-Pay is an auto insurance coverage available in Nevada as an alternative to PIP insurance, which is not available in our state. Med-Pay helps cover medical or funeral expenses related to auto accidents, regardless of fault. However, unlike PIP, Med-Pay does not cover other expenses, such as lost wages and non-medical costs. 
  • Health and Medical Insurance. This type of insurance assists with paying for a variety of healthcare services, from routine check-ups and preventive care to major surgeries and hospital stays. Depending on the plan, it may also cover prescription medications, mental health services, and specialized care.
  • Cancer and Specified Disease Insurance. These policies pay out a lump sum upon diagnosis of cancer or the specified diseases covered by the policy. This can help to cover expenses like medical bills, travel costs for treatment, and daily living expenses that may become more challenging to meet due to the illness.
  • Disability Insurance. This type of insurance compensates for a portion of the policyholder’s regular income if they become unable to work because of a disabling illness or injury. It can be either short-term or long-term, depending on the duration of the disability.
  • Life Insurance. Life insurance pays a predetermined sum to designated beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. This can help provide financial security by covering funeral costs, ongoing living expenses, debts, and things like college education for the deceased’s dependents.
  • Homeowners/Renters, and Property Insurance. Homeowners/Renters insurance protects homeowners or tenants from financial losses due to damage to the dwelling or personal property within it, and it may also include liability coverage for accidents on the property. Property Insurance is a broad category that covers physical damage or loss of use of real property or personal property from events like theft, fire, and natural disasters. 
  • Business Interruption Insurance. Business Interruption insurance compensates for lost income and operating expenses if a business has to close due to a covered event such as a fire or a natural disaster. 
  • Business Liability Insurance. Business Liability Insurance covers legal costs and potential settlements for damages or injuries caused by the business to third parties, including customers and visitors.
  • Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Insurance. CGL insurance is a broad policy that covers a business for injury or property damage caused by the business operations, products, or at the business location. 
  • Construction Insurance. Construction Insurance offers coverage for risks such as injuries to workers, damage to materials or equipment, and liability claims arising from construction projects.
  • Liability Insurance. This type of insurance is designed to protect the policyholder if they are legally responsible for an accident that causes injury to others or damages their property. It helps cover the cost of legal defense, and any settlement or award should the policyholder be found liable.

An insurance policy is a legal contract. You agree to pay a premium in exchange for the quick processing of claims made on the policy. Yet all too often insurance companies drag their feet, look for policy loopholes, or simply deny claims without valid or fair reason, even when policies have been paid and active for years. If you are dealing with an insurance dispute, no matter the type of insurance, call our Las Vegas office for a FREE and confidential case review to learn how we might be able to help.

How Long Do Insurance Companies Have to Pay a Claim in Nevada?

Under most circumstances, insurance companies have 20 days to acknowledge receipt of a claim in Nevada. From this point, they typically have 30 days to accept or deny the claim. If they require more information to make their decision, the request must be made before the time expires.

If an insurance company accepts a claim, payment must usually be made within 30 days of approval. If the claim is denied, the company must provide a written denial clearly outlining the reasons for the decision.

In cases where your insurance company fails to abide by these timelines or engages in other unfair settlement practices, you may be entitled to bring legal action against them. However, it’s important to remember that insurance law is extremely complex. If you find yourself in a dispute with your insurance company over a claim, we are here to listen to your story, review your options, and help you choose the best path forward.

Las Vegas Insurance Dispute Attorneys

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance company fails to act fairly and honestly towards a policyholder, denying them the protection and security they’ve paid for. This may take several forms, from delaying payment to denying claims without a valid reason, and can even occur months or years after a claim has been processed as a retroactive claim denial. 

In Nevada, insurance bad faith is governed by the Unfair Claims Practices Act (see Nevada Revised Statute § 686A.310). This law lays out specific practices that are considered unfair or deceptive, including:

  • Misrepresenting relevant facts or policy provisions related to the coverage in question.
  • Altering or changing policy coverage after a claim has been filed.
  • Failing to acknowledge or act promptly on claims.
  • Failing to affirm or deny coverage of claims within a reasonable time.
  • Offering less money than a claim is worth.
  • Failing to relay relevant information.

If an insurance company is found guilty of bad faith after you file a claim, it may be liable for any damages you suffered as a result. In some cases, this may even exceed the policy’s limit. What’s more, if it turns out an insurance company acted fraudulently or with malicious intent,  victims of insurance bad faith can seek punitive damages as well (see Nevada Revised Statute § 42). These damages punish particularly egregious or unacceptable behavior and can help to protect others from similar mistreatment.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of insurance bad faith, it’s important to take swift action. At Burg Simpson, our Las Vegas insurance dispute lawyers have extensive experience in handling bad faith cases and helping clients obtain fair compensation. We are not afraid to hold insurance companies accountable for their actions.

Remember, insurance is a contract, and every party involved must act in good faith. If your insurer isn’t upholding their end of the deal, reach out to us for a complimentary case review to learn more about your options. 

When to Call a Las Vegas Insurance Dispute Lawyer

The insurance dispute attorneys at Burg Simpson can assist with:

Unfair or Unjustified Insurance Claim Denials

Sometimes, insurance companies deny valid claims without a legitimate reason. For example, your health insurance may refuse to cover a necessary medical procedure, or your home insurance may deny coverage for storm damage that should be covered under your policy.

Unacceptably Long or Illegally Delayed Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are required to process claims in a timely manner. If they are delaying your claim unnecessarily, you might need legal assistance. A common example is when an insurer takes an unusually long time to pay out a life insurance policy, causing financial hardship for the bereaved.

Incorrect Assessment of Fault

If you’re involved in an accident and your insurance company mistakenly assigns the fault to you, your premiums may rise and your claim might be denied. An insurance dispute lawyer can help. An example might be a car accident where the other party was clearly at fault, but your insurer wrongly attributes the fault to you.

Poor or Insufficient Investigative Practices

If your insurance company does not properly investigate your claim or ignores key evidence, it might be time to hire a lawyer. For instance, if you experience a house fire and your insurance company fails to conduct a thorough investigation, leading to a denial or reduction of your claim.

Undervalued Claims

An insurance dispute lawyer can be invaluable if your insurance company offers a settlement that is far below what you believe your claim is worth. This is common for catastrophic injury claims and claims involving significant damage. 

Coverage Loopholes and Sudden Policy Changes

If your insurance company refuses to pay a claim because they say it’s not covered under your policy, but you believe it should be, a lawyer can help. For instance, you might have a homeowner’s policy that you believe should cover water damage, but the insurance company denies your claim, arguing that the damage is due to flooding, which isn’t covered.

Insurance Company Errors

If your insurance agent makes a mistake that leads to problems with your coverage or claims, you may need to hire an insurance dispute lawyer. For instance, if your agent mistakenly leaves off an important coverage from your policy, and then you experience a loss that should have been covered, a lawyer can assist in rectifying the situation.

If you believe you are being treated unfairly by your insurance provider, Burg Simpson is here to help. Our Las Vegas insurance dispute lawyers have the resources to investigate these claims, identify insurance bad faith, and help our clients obtain the compensation they are entitled to.

How Long Do Insurance Disputes Take to Resolve?

The timeline for resolving insurance disputes varies depending on the complexity of the case, whether or not a settlement can be reached, and if a trial is needed, the workload of the court. However, a general expectation would be anywhere between several months to a few years.

Nevada has a four-year statute of limitations for contract disputes, including insurance contract claims (see Nevada Revised Statute §11.090). This means you typically have four years to file an insurance dispute claim. However, it’s best to talk to an attorney as soon as you suspect a claim delay, denial, or insurance bad faith. This helps to ensure everything is done within the statute of limitations.

Will My Claim Go to Trial?

In most cases, insurance disputes are settled before they go to trial. However, some disputes may end up in court. When they do, you need an experienced and proven trial attorney on your side. 

Las Vegas insurance dispute lawyer Jack F. DeGree is an award-winning litigator who prepares every claim for the eventuality of trial. This enables us to provide the most effective representation no matter what your claim requires. We will do everything possible to resolve your dispute quickly, but never at the expense of your needs.

Our Las Vegas Insurance Dispute Lawyers are Here to Help!

Insurance disputes are stressful and often create additional complications for individuals and families already dealing with catastrophic injury or losses. At Burg Simpson, we believe insurance delays, unjust denials, and other bad faith actions are unacceptable. Victims of this treatment deserve the assistance of an experienced and qualified attorney. We are here to assess your original claim, investigate the insurance company’s behavior, and help you get the compensation you are due.

Good Lawyers. Changing Lives.®

Call Burg Simpson at 702-668-2070 or contact us online to schedule a FREE case review at our Las Vegas office today. We assist people dealing with insurance bad faith in North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, and all nearby areas of Nevada.

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