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Burg Simpson Represents Victims of Gas Explosions 

Burg Simpson Represents Victims of Gas Explosions 

March 14, 2022 | 5 min read

Burg Simpson Represents Victims of Gas Explosions 

It has been over three years since the Merrimack Valley fires and explosions rocked the communities of Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover, Massachusetts in 2018. In September of that year, a series of explosions and fires killed one person and forced the evacuation of 30,000 people from their homes.  The cause of the explosion was determined to be excessive pressure in natural gas lines owned by Columbia Gas of Massachusetts. Burg Simpson was pleased to be part of the settlement on behalf of our clients and the other residents and businesses in the Merrimack Valley.

Gas Explosions in the U.S.

While the magnitude of explosion like the one that occurred in Massachusetts is rare, natural gas explosions in this country are not uncommon.  According to data from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), there were 368 documented pipeline explosions between January 2010 and October 2021.

Utility Companies Encouraged to Promote Best Practices

Since the Merrimack incident, utility companies across the country have been called to action. They are being urged to employ safety practices, update outdated infrastructure, and promote ongoing efforts within the industry to prevent gas explosions from happening in the future.

Burg Simpson’s Experience with Gas Explosions

Burg Simpson’s personal injury team has successfully handled cases involving gas explosions for over four decades, and our trial lawyers have a wealth of industry knowledge and the insight necessary to win these cases. Catastrophic personal injury cases involving gas explosions are often filed against large corporations and utility companies that have the resources to hire teams of defense lawyers. If you or a loved one were seriously injured in a gas explosion, you need a law firm with the years of experience, skilled trial attorneys, and the depth of resources required to bring your case to a successful conclusion. Burg Simpson’s gas explosion attorneys are trial-ready, and we will fight to protect you and obtain you the compensation you deserve.

Establishing Negligence

Before legal action can be filed, the cause of the gas explosion must be identified. Burg Simpson begins each case by conducting a thorough forensic examination by meeting with mechanical engineers, regulatory specialists, and industrial gas consultants. The purpose of the investigation is to determine if an entity or an individual inadvertently caused the explosion by breaching a standard of care.

Where Did the Explosion Originate?

If the explosion originated from a gas leak inside a structure, our lawyers would seek to establish negligence or failure to comply with industry standards by investigating the appliance manufacturers and installation contractors.

If the explosion originated outside a structure, the investigation would focus gas utility company that is responsible for the installation, care, and maintenance of the pipelines. If there was construction in the area, our attorneys will also conduct a thorough investigation into the construction company to determine if their negligent actions or failure to uphold their duty of care caused or contributed to the gas explosion.

Common Sources of Gas Explosions

Poor construction, insufficient testing, and improper installation can lead to gas explosions. Some of the most common causes include:

·       Improper maintenance of public utilities

·       Pipeline corrosion

·       Gas pipe rupture during excavation

·       Leaks in natural gas lines

·       Leaks in pipes or valves in gas appliances

·       Improper installation of gas appliances

·       Failure of landlords to properly inspect or maintain gas appliances

Why Hire a Gas Explosion Lawyer?

Bringing a lawsuit in gas explosion cases generally requires specialized knowledge and expertise in trying gas explosion cases. As the victim of a gas explosion, you need quality legal representation. An experienced attorney can help you recover damages, including property damages, medical expenses, and lost wages. In addition, your lawyer must be thoroughly familiar with the federal regulations, be conversant with engineering experts on the cause of the explosion and have the resources necessary to bring a case like this to trial. Not all law firms are equipped to handle these complex cases, but Burg Simpson has a history of representing those injured by gas explosions. Hiring the right lawyer is the key to successfully resolving your case.

Choose a Firm with Years of Experience 

When selecting the right legal representation for your case, it is essential to do your research. If you have been seriously injured in a gas explosion, and your injuries are the result of the recklessness of someone else, it is crucial to choose a reputable firm. You will need experienced lawyers who will protect you and advocate on your behalf.

Other Law Firms Recognize Burg Simpson’s Experience 

Lawyers and law firms across the nation bring their gas explosion cases to Burg Simpson because they know we have the experience to take their cases to trial successfully. Other firms know that Burg Simpson can provide their clients with the aggressive representation their clients need to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Burg Simpson has the Experience to Fight for You.

Burg Simpson’s award-winning lawyers have over forty years of experience representing individuals injured by gas explosions. We help our clients recover, rebuild, and thrive after suffering severe injuries caused by another party’s negligence. Burg Simpson’s personal injury lawyers have a longstanding reputation for their legal knowledge and expertise, and our extensive resources provide us with the capacity to represent clients across the county. Contact Burg Simpson for help with your personal injury matter now by accessing our free case evaluation form at burgsimpson.com.

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