The Government Accountability Project, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting and fighting for whistleblowers, defines a whistleblower as any “employee who discloses information that he/she reasonably believes is evidence of illegality, gross waste or fraud, mismanagement, abuse of power, general wrongdoing, or a substantial and specific danger to public health and safety”.

There have been dozens of high-profile whistleblowers over the years, starting with none other than Benjamin Franklin, whose leak of private letters helped drive the colonies toward revolution. Without whistleblowers, we wouldn’t have uncovered Watergate, Enron’s terrible bookkeeping, or even the federal government’s worldwide surveillance programs.

If you have non-public information about fraud against the government or other entity and are deciding whether to blow the whistle, you need confidential, secure, and private counsel regarding your rights and potential for recovery. It is imperative that you seek experienced, qualified counsel before you take any action or make any of your private information public. You may be entitled to a percentage of a recovery from fraud on the government as a “relator” under federal or state law. Contact a Burg Simpson whistleblower lawyer at (866) 649-8734.

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What Whistleblower Protections Are Available?

There are many federal statutes that protect whistleblowers across a variety of industries, including the Whistleblower Protection Act and the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act. Without these protections, whistleblowers may face retaliation in the form of threats, actual unfavorable administrative actions such as discipline, demotion, or termination, and harassment.

States also have statutes that protect public and private employees from retaliation. State False Claim Act claims may be joined with federal claims in one lawsuit. Some states’ false claim laws only apply to fraud involving Medicaid or other state health care funds, although in other states, the false claims law applies to a broader range of state or local government programs.

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Navigating the stormy waters of a false claims act, also known as a “qui tam” lawsuit, requires a delicate balance to ensure a wrong is righted and justice prevails, while also protecting your rights and privacy in the process. Qui tam lawsuits require a thorough investigation and presentation of evidence of the fraud to the government, which is why you need a law firm with the results, reputation, and resources to prevail. We will review your potential whistleblower action and discuss your rights and potential for recovery confidentially.

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