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Burg Simpson Features: Shareholder Nick Fogel and the Workers' Compensation Department

Burg Simpson Features: Shareholder Nick Fogel and the Workers’ Compensation Department

January 25, 2022 | 3 min read

About Shareholder Nick Fogel 

Burg Simpson shareholder Nick Fogel is a trial lawyer and the practice group leader of the firm’s workers’ compensation team. In this capacity, Nick has extensive courtroom experience handling a wide variety of matters. His legal practice is devoted to those who have been injured while working on the job and in the line of duty. Under his skilled leadership, Burg Simpson’s Worker’s Compensation Department has achieved Tier 1 status by US News and World Report, the highest-ranking available.

In addition to handling worker’s compensation claims for Colorado workers, Nick’s practice also focuses on representing law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders who sustain injuries in the line of duty. Nick has represented law enforcement and first responders from departments across the state. Nick has also handled medical retirement claims filed through the Fire Police Pension Association (FPPA). In 2017, Nick assisted in the passage of HB 1229, which changed the legal standard to allow for the admission of workers’ compensation benefits for first responders related to on-duty PTSD. Nick regularly gives seminars and presentations to law enforcement and first responder groups regarding workers’ compensation.

More about Nick Fogel Here

If You Are Injured on the Job, Call Burg Simpson

Due to the complexity of the workers’ compensation claims process, it is essential for employees who have been hurt on the job or in the line of duty to seek legal counsel. Recent data from Colorado indicates that workers pursuing a settlement with legal counsel far outperform those who attempt to settle the claim independently. Not only are injured employees more likely to receive a settlement with legal representation, but they are more likely to earn a much larger settlement than claimants who are not represented by an attorney.

If you have been injured at work in the State of Colorado, Burg Simpson’s Work Comp lawyers can help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Our team offers injured workers a free consultation and we only get paid if we are successful in obtaining a settlement or judgment on your behalf.

Please note that employees do not need to prove fault for their injuries per Colorado Worker’s Comp laws. If you have been injured, you can file a claim. Call Burg Simpson for help now at 303-792-5595.

If You Have Suffered from a Work-Related Injury:

  •  Notify Your Employer:

If you have suffered from an injury at your workplace or in the line of duty, it is important to contact your employer in writing within four days following the incident. Your employer must then file a claim with their workers’ compensation provider within ten days.

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention

It is important to seek medical attention immediately following your injury.

Small Businesses Must Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Any company doing business in Colorado is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance helps protect the employer and the employee in the event of an injury on the job or in the line of duty. Anyone hired to perform services for pay is considered an employee per Colorado law. But there are some exceptions:

  • Sole Proprietors or Business Partners: 

Because Colorado law does not classify business owners or business partners as employees, Colorado does not require coverage.

  • Independent Contractors: 

Workers’ comp insurance does not cover independent contractors. These workers are not considered employees or employers, even though they perform a service in exchange for pay.

  • Corporate Officers: 

Generally, corporate officers who have at least a 10 percent ownership stake in the entity may exempt themselves from coverage.

Receiving Your Compensation Benefits

If you have suffered from an injury at your workplace or in the line of duty, you need to focus on your recovery. Let the workers’ compensation attorneys at Burg Simpson handle the details of your workers’ compensation claim. Burg Simpson’s team of workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers have over four decades of experience and a proven track record of success. Our highly skilled and experienced attorneys will ensure you receive all the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

Call the Workers’ Compensation Department at Burg Simpson for Help Now.

Your award-winning workers’ compensation team at Burg Simpson is experienced and compassionate. They are knowledgeable about workers’ compensation regulations and the Colorado laws for handling negotiations, settlement, and trial. Contact us at Burg Simpson for help now and schedule a consultation with our Workers’ Compensation attorneys.

Contact Burg Simpson for help now at 303 792 5595