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“Change is the end result of all true learning.” -Leo Buscaglia

Burg Simpson isn’t just a law firm. As our tagline says, we are “Good lawyers. Changing lives.” Below is a list of current classes. All classes are approved by CAMICB and are worth credit hours towards CAMA certifications. 

If you would like us to present any of the following courses at your management company, please contact [email protected]

Mindfulness Management

This course introduces concepts of mindfulness as applied to management. We’ll review the three basic principles of mindfulness and how to overcome biases. The class involves a relaxing meditation and exposure to various meditation techniques.

Lessons Learned from Surfside

This course explores the first 2 of 5 key lessons that every association, regardless of location, should take away from the Surfside tragedy. Later courses will discuss the remaining three lessons. We dig to examine the importance of building codes in understanding maintenance obligations and the actual construction of communities. We will also discuss why every board should 1) know what it is responsible for maintaining, 2) have a plan for such maintenance and 3) appropriately inspect all components to ensure proper maintenance.

Trends Coming to a Community Near You

This session covers four trends in community association documents that managers need to be aware of and prepared to deal with to meet the changing demands of associations. We will discuss the use of special districts, limitations on the association’s right to sue, owner maintenance responsibilities, and ownership by LLCs.

Creating Meaningful Relationships

All Community Managers should spend time fostering meaningful relationships, but that’s easier said than done. This class explores the importance of those connections and reviews the five keys to making those connections.

Construction Defects: A True Story

This course helps you understand what it is like to go through a defect case in a community you manage. By delving into This case, an actual case handled by the presenters, we will explore the discovery process, the legal process, post-settlement repairs, and behind-the-scenes scoop to help you look like a hero in your community.

Boomers, Gen X, Millennials: The Secret Formula

Are you dealing with a Millennial? An X-er? A Zoomer? A Boomer? If all these labels and groups of potential board members and coworkers have you scratching your head and trying to remember what year people were born, then this class is for you. Together, we will explore how to blend all generations to create strong leadership teams, working groups, and communities.

Becoming a Better Negotiator

This fun, interactive session explores the different types of negotiations, the six keys to preparing for any negotiation, and the most common tools/tactics to produce effective negotiations. You’ll also become aware of the psychological tools/traps to use during negotiations to be a better negotiator.


“By the way, this was the BEST educational session at the CAI-RMC Spring Conference in my opinion. Thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Tabitha Barile

“This was one of the BEST classes in the last 20 plus years that I have attended.” -MaryElla Fico