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What Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix?

June 20, 2023 | 4 min read

A personal injury lawyer in Phoenix should agree to take your case free of charge until it is resolved favorably. This is known as a contingency fee agreement, and it is commonplace in personal injury claims.

If you have been injured as a result of another party’s negligence, the personal injury attorneys at Burg Simpson can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Your initial case review is FREE and confidential, and you do not pay fees until we obtain a settlement or trial award on your behalf.

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How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix Charge?

You may have heard that lawyers charge substantial fees for their services—often hundreds of dollars per hour. While this is common among attorneys handling a variety of legal matters (e.g., divorce, criminal law, etc.), most reputable personal injury firms handle their cases on contingency.

So, it should not cost you a penny to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix. If the attorney agrees to handle your case on contingency, you should also not be expected to pay fees until the matter is resolved in your favor.

How Do Contingency Fees Work in a Personal Injury Claim?

With a contingency fee agreement, your lawyer is agreeing to represent you without being paid fees prior to the conclusion of your case. Their payment is contingent on obtaining a recovery for you—usually a settlement, but sometimes a trial award.

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Once the case is finalized, you will be responsible for paying your lawyer a percentage of the recovery. Amounts may vary depending on the type of personal injury claim, but the contingency fee is usually calculated as anywhere from one-third to forty percent of the proceeds.

Hiring an Attorney Will Not Cost You More, But It May Get You More

Concerns about cost are sometimes the reason people are hesitant to hire a lawyer after an accident. They worry that an attorney will add to their expenses when they are already dealing with medical bills, loss of income, and other financial pressures as a result of their injury.

Personal injury lawyers recognize that injuries can lead to significant financial burdens. Hence, the contingency fee has become the standard for attorneys who represent accident victims and their families. It enables injured people to pursue justice without incurring additional costs.

With an attorney handling your personal injury case, you also stand to recover more compensation. If you do not hire an attorney, then you are at the mercy of the insurance company. The insurance adjuster’s responsibility is to the insurance company, and it is their job to pay you as little as possible.

You can negotiate with the insurance adjuster on your own, but keep in mind that the adjuster hopes you will settle quickly and accept the low amount they offer you. You must also realize that if you have been injured, you may not have the ability to dedicate full focus on negotiating your injury claim. Furthermore, until you have been thoroughly examined, you may not yet know the full value of your case.

All of these factors make it essential to hire legal counsel in a personal injury matter. It can mean the difference between getting fair compensation and getting nothing or a fraction of what you deserve.

What Is My Case Worth?

Now that we have established that there is zero upfront cost to hire a personal injury lawyer, it is important to understand what you stand to gain if your claim succeeds. Many people are unaware of the full extent of compensable damages available in a personal injury action. This is another benefit of hiring a lawyer.

Your attorney will take multiple variables into account when assessing the value of your case:

  • How serious are your injuries?
  • Are the injuries permanent?
  • Were there lost wages?
  • Did you incur medical bills as a result of the injury?
  • How did the accident occur?
  • Were multiple parties at fault?
  • Do your injuries negatively impact your ability to support your family?

These and other considerations will help your lawyer calculate what fair compensation entails. No two personal injury cases are exactly alike, so it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney evaluate your situation and determine what your case is worth.

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Securing the best possible result requires representation by an experienced personal injury attorney. A seasoned lawyer will investigate the incident, collect evidence, and prepare a strong case.

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