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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving Phoenix & All of Arizona

A Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer at Burg Simpson can seek the justice and compensation you deserve after a crash caused by someone else. A serious motorcycle wreck can change a victim’s life forever, resulting in high medical bills, time away from work, pain, disability, and even death. You should not face your injuries alone. Our attorneys will fight diligently on your behalf to recover every penny you deserve for your physical, financial, and emotional losses.

Reasons to hire a motorcycle attorney at Burg Simpson include:

  • Decades of experience. Burg Simpson has provided exceptional legal representation since 1977. Our Phoenix team possesses decades of combined experience handling motorcycle accident cases and other matters.
  • Award-winning lawyers. Our attorneys have received some of the most prestigious awards in the legal industry from our clients, our peers, and our community.
  • More than $2 billion in results. Burg Simpson has obtained more than $2 billion in verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients. We aggressively pursue the maximum compensation for each client we serve.
Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Burg Simpson today online or at 602-777-7000 for a FREE and confidential case evaluation. We handle motorcycle accident cases on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t pay unless we achieve a successful outcome in your case. We serve clients in Phoenix and throughout Arizona.

How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

To recover the losses you have incurred after a motorcycle crash, you will need a knowledgeable attorney on your side. When dealing with the debilitating consequences of a serious motorcycle accident injury, your priority and focus should be on healing, not learning the complexities of personal injury law.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can assist with every aspect of your case, including:

Investigating the Accident and Gathering Evidence

To recover financial compensation for a motorcycle wreck, you need evidence to prove fault. This can include evidence gathered at the scene of the accident, such as photographs, witness testimony, and video surveillance footage. Your attorney may also talk to medical experts and accident reconstructionists to support your claim. Without this evidence, you will not be able to prove liability and you won’t be able to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Accident scene investigations are just one reason why it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after a crash. Skid marks fade, witnesses move away, and vital evidence you need can be lost forever. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner they can begin building your case.

Calculating the Value of Your Losses

When facing the repercussions of a serious motorcycle crash, you cannot afford to settle for less than you deserve. In Arizona, injured bikers are entitled to compensation for their current and future accident-related losses. If you were seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident, your long-term costs could far exceed the costs you have incurred to-date.

A motorcycle accident lawyer has experience assessing every way in which a crash has affected your life. This includes the medical bills and monetary losses you have already incurred as well as losses you will continue to experience in the future, such as ongoing medical treatment, physical therapy, home modifications, and loss of future wages. An attorney will also evaluate the non-economic losses you have suffered, such as emotional distress, loss of consortium with your spouse, and the psychological impact of scarring and disfigurement.

The insurance company will try to pay you as little as possible. Without understanding the full value of your damages, you may settle for far less than you need and deserve.

Negotiating with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in the business of making profits, not paying out claims. They ultimately want to reach a resolution that benefits their bottom line, not your best interest. If you receive a settlement offer, you can expect it to be considerably less than your case is worth.

Without a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, you may be tempted to accept a low settlement. If you’re facing significant medical bills, time away from work, and other expenses after a crash, you may consider the insurance company’s offer substantial enough to cover your costs.

The experienced attorneys at Burg Simpson are skilled negotiators. We know how to stand up to big insurance companies. We are familiar with the tactics insurers use to reduce, delay, and deny accident claims. We work to protect the rights of our clients and ensure a fair outcome is achieved.

Taking Your Motorcycle Accident Case to Court If Necessary

If a fair settlement cannot be negotiated with the insurance company, it may be necessary to bring your case before a judge or jury. A motorcycle accident lawsuit involves a number of procedural rules and deadlines that your lawyer will navigate on your behalf.

Before starting the legal process, you need to choose a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer with a proven record of litigation success. The attorneys at Burg Simpson possess the knowledge, skill, and experience you can trust to give your case the exceptional representation it deserves.

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Motorcycle Laws in Arizona

In addition to all the state traffic laws, Arizona has laws specific to motorcycles:

  • ARS § 28-903 prohibits motorists from depriving motorcycles the use of a lane. It states that motorcyclists shall not split traffic lanes or pass other vehicles in the same lane of traffic. The statute also prohibits motorcyclists from riding more than two abreast in traffic.
  • ARS § 28-3101 requires motorcyclists to have a Class M endorsement to operate a motorcycle in the state.
  • ARS § 28-892 states that “the operator of a motorcycle shall not carry any other person and any other person shall not ride on a motorcycle unless the motorcycle is designed to carry more than one person.” Additionally, on motorcycles that are designed to carry more than one person, passengers must ride on a designated seat firmly attached to the rear or side of the motorcycle operator.
  • ARS § 28-955.01 governs noise and muffler restrictions. It states:

A. A person shall not operate or as an owner allow the operation of a motorcycle in this state that is not equipped with the manufacturer’s original muffler or other original noise reduction equipment or with a replacement muffler or replacement noise reduction equipment capable of reducing the noise levels below the maximum operating noise levels established pursuant to 40 Code of Federal Regulations section 205.152.

B. A person shall not use a muffler cutout, bypass, or similar device on a motorcycle operated in this state.

What Is the Helmet Law in Arizona?

Arizona law requires anyone younger than 18 years of age to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle. Motorcyclists are also required to wear goggles, glasses, or a transparent face shield while operating a motorcycle (see ARS § 28-964)

Not only does wearing a helmet reduce the risk of dying in a motorcycle accident by 37%, but failing to wear a helmet can impact the amount of compensation you can recover in the event of a wreck. Arizona follows the doctrine of comparative negligence. This means that damages are reduced by the amount in which the injured party is found to be at fault. For example, if you would have been awarded $100,000 in damages after a wreck but you are found to be 40% at fault for the crash, then you would only receive $60,000 in total compensation. Arizona law allows for a person to recover compensation even if he or she is up to 99% at fault for the accident.

If a 17-year-old biker suffered a head injury while riding without a helmet, the insurance company may argue that the injury would have been prevented by complying with Arizona’s helmet law. Likewise, if you suffer an eye injury that would have been prevented by Arizona’s mandatory protective measure, compensation may be unlikely. However, if an at-fault driver caused injury to an adult rider regardless of whether the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet or not, the rider may receive some amount of compensation.

Determining liability in a motorcycle accident can be extremely complex. It is in your best interest to speak with an attorney at Burg Simpson as soon as possible.

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Arizona?

Lane splitting is the act of riding a motorcycle between lanes of traffic moving in one direction. While the state does not necessarily permit lane splitting, in September 2022 Arizona became the fourth state to allow motorcycle “lane filtering” in certain situations. Lane filtering is when motorcyclists go between the lanes of traffic to get to the front of the line at traffic lights.

The law does not give motorcyclists the right to ride in between traffic on the highways.

Lane filtering is allowed in Arizona:

  • Only at stoplights
  • Only when traffic is at a complete stop
  • Only on roads where the speed limit is 45 miles per hour or less
  • Only when bikers ride 15 miles per hour or less when moving between lanes

Proponents of lane filtering say it is safer for bikers since it prevents them from being forced to stop behind one car and in front of another, which could be dangerous in a rear-end accident.

Who Is At Fault in Most Motorcycle Accidents?

Research has found that in most serious and fatal motorcycle wrecks that involve multiple vehicles, fault most often falls on the drivers of passenger vehicles. Because of their smaller profiles, motorcycles aren’t always noticed by inattentive drivers, especially at intersections or during left-hand turns.

Collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles are often the result of:

  • Errors when making left turns
  • Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted driving
  • Excessive speed
  • Aggressive driving
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Failure to check blind spots
  • Tailgating
  • Failure to yield

Motorcycle accidents can occur even when no collision occurs. If the negligence of a driver caused a “no-contact” motorcycle accident, he or she may be held liable for the biker’s injuries and losses.

Liability for a motorcycle crash can also fall on the negligent manufacturers of auto parts – either on the motorcycle or the at-fault vehicle – or the government agency responsible for the maintenance or repair of the road on which the crash occurred.

Common Injuries in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are at increased risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in a wreck. Motorcycles lack the protection of enclosed vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that motorcyclists are 4 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to be injured in a motor vehicle crash and about 28 times more likely to die.

At Burg Simpson, our attorneys are committed to helping injured bikers recover from serious injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents. Some of the most common types of injuries suffered in motorcycle crashes include:

In addition to physical injuries, a motorcycle accident can cause significant emotional and psychological harm. We are committed to helping our clients recover the full value of their economic and non-economic losses.

If you lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash, you may be eligible to seek compensation for funeral costs, lost companionship, and more in a wrongful death claim.

How Long Do I Have to Sue After a Motorcycle Accident?

In Arizona, you only have 2 years in which to file a personal injury claim, which includes motorcycle accidents (see Arizona Revised Statutes § 12-542). This 2-year time limit also applies to cases of wrongful death.

If you fail to file an accident claim before the deadline, you will miss your opportunity to obtain the compensation to which you may be entitled. Additionally, postponing action could be used against you by the other side, who may argue that your injuries were not a pressing matter to you.

Don’t postpone justice another day. Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers now to schedule a FREE case evaluation. During your initial case review, our motorcycle accident lawyer will listen to your story, answer your questions, and explain your legal options.

Contact Burg Simpson Today.

What Is My Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

Depending on the details of your case, you may be entitled to compensation for your current and future:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of society and companionship
  • Property damage

No two clients, injuries, or cases are exactly the same. Even in very similar motorcycle accidents, the subsequent harm and life impact can be quite different. Additionally, the pain and emotional anguish you experience after a wreck are unique to you and heavily dependent on your history, life, and support network. Your financial losses are also specific to your case because your medical expenses and wage loss will vary greatly from others’.

In light of these various nuances, determining the full value of your claim can be complicated. The experienced attorneys at Burg Simpson will look at every way your accident and injuries have affected your life and pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

Contact a Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today

If you were in a motorcycle wreck through no fault of your own, the Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers at Burg Simpson can help. We understand the hardships you may be facing and we are committed to helping you pursue the compensation you need to get back on track.

See Our Results.

Our firm has recovered more than $2 billion in damages for clients across the country. If you are looking for a firm you can trust, call us today.

Contact Burg Simpson online or at 602-777-7000 for a FREE and confidential case evaluation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers serve clients throughout Phoenix and other Arizona areas.

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